Will there be 15 days of darkness in November?


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@TnWatchdog Dawg, make certain that you have sufficient dog food to last you for 15 days, and dont forget to cover your kennel with plenty of aluminium foil :D.
... and I got me a secret stash of doggie treats yum-yum-yum!

I just thought up a better way of protecting your kennel from that radiation strike, and heat it up at the same time (y) :D..
I will show you how to make "radiation arresters" that you can use at ground level, and which you can place all around your kennel..

All you have to do is to fit thick wire onto each of the arresters and then place the other end of the wire into the earth, so that when the radiation strike takes place it heats up all the earth around and underneath your kennel, and at the same time protecting the kennel as well :cool: :D..
That will cost you 50 bucks for the plans..(joke) :LOL:..


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Snopes is a biased, unreliable source. And there's no way it's 100% accurate.
1 Biased (if it is) does not necessarily mean wrong, I can be biased in favour of science over religion, that does not mean any science I quote is necessarily wrong, or that gainsaying me makes you right.
2 Snopes has a long record of being right on most subjects it has investigated and has apologised when it has been wrong
3, Factcheck. org a nonprofit website dedicated to, checking facts, reported that Snopes was completely unbiased, but of course could be part of the conspiracy to make people believe snopes is unbiased, even though they are direct rivals, a double, double double bluff the cunning fiends.
4 Personally I feel this story is sooooooooo stupid that with or without snopes (or any other fact checker) betting against this happening would be a pretty safe wager.

Is snopes.com biased?
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Snopes has a long record of being right on most subjects it has investigated and has apologised when it has been wrong
From what I've been hearing, both Snopes and factcheck.org are not bastions of true investigative journalism. In fact, true investigative journalism is basically a dead practice, at least in the United States. The U.S. government has a lot of power over mainstream journalism, almost as much as a communist government has over its country's press, for instance, in China. Thank God that President Trump is working as hard as he can to drain the swamp.

Back to topic, only time will tell if these "15 days of darkness" in November will happen or not. That's all I can say on the matter.