Will you be taking the Covid Vaccine?

Will you be taking the Covid vaccine?

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • Hell No

    Votes: 10 66.7%
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lots of fake science today, so blatant

I really don't care who takes it...social darwinism at it's finest.
let the narcissists destroy themselves

like the bible says...written in the book of life or book of death


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In the UK at this time of year, the average amount of deaths for elderly people are between 7 to 10 thousand...Those figures come from old age, heart attacks, cancer, flu etc etc...Any elderly person that now dies are said to have died from "Covid-19 Deaths", even if they get knocked down and killed by a car!!...Its simple manipulation of figures for an unknown agenda..

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A simple question: will you be taking the Covid vaccine?


Vaccines are an extremely malicious invention to kill under the guise of giving life.
Who is involved in the deception: the Medical mafia, politicians, big pharma, and medical doctors who receive hundred of thousands of $$$ to lie, manipulate and deceive naïve, innocent human beings who do not suspect a thing.

Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective is Lying - by Vernon Coleman.

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Personally, I will not.
This is a very interesting issue, though. The normal (and ethical) situation would be to inform the general public that the vaccine is out there and to let each of them decide if taking it, according to own knowledge of how weak or strong his (her) own immunity system is. I very much suspect that in many places (maybe even everywhere) things will not go this way and people will be blackmailed to have the vaccine, by not granting them access to one thing or another, telling them they can not have some certain job, or be part of some certain team (club, association, or whatever), etc. if they are not vaccinated.
I don’t think “they” will apply anything by raw force, not because “their” high moral and ethical value (as “they” do not have any), but because it is risky – I know of a certain president who was shot (executed) by his own people on Christmas day … one of the great reasons (maybe the greatest) was forcing (by law) people to go to the doctor (especially women). I would not take such a huge risk if I was “them”. I think “they” have no choice but to indeed let the people decide about taking the vaccine or not, because if this will be imposed in a similar scenario as mentioned, there will be lots of smaller executions all over and all the time (companies managers, business owners, bank officials and all sort of other people who blindly obey to such atrociously imposed rules and refuse to let others earn their daily bread normally and ethically).
This is just the same as the mask wearing issue – “they” thought it will be a sign of who is on their side (by simply observing who wears a mask) … and now “they” fell into their own trap by not knowing who is against them (and there are many, in fact the immense majority, who are against them).