Debate Win one million dollar from James Randi and more from others


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Feb 12, 2012
James Randi is offering 1 000 000 US$ to any person that can give evidence to paranormal.
He is not only one that offer money to telepathic people all those guys:
do that. Why they do that when they know that Vinko Rajic can use telepathy.
Things like telepathy , moving and bending objects using brain power.
Over 50% of people believe in paranormal , some people like Vinko Rajic can use telepathy
all the time and they are many others but scientists do not want to do research on it.
Why all this madness scientist do not want to accept telepathy and some other things to be
possible and normal, big percent of Schizophrenics believe in telepathy?

File contain images on telepathic Vinko Rajic's brain.
Very fascinating, new brain scanning.

Why is he still offering this price if there is evidence that some people can use
telepathy( Vinko Rajic , and others telepathists) ?
What you think what James Randi wont?
Do you know any person that can use paranormal powers?
Do you believe in telepathy?


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Jul 28, 2005
James Randi is careful to say there may be people who can, but then I think he lies when he says he hasn't found anyone personally who can. I think James Randi is a collector, vetting those who claim to be able to do various things. He comes off like a skeptic, but I am not convinced. Big bait hides big hook. He makes me think of the sting operations which have set up for dead beat dads. The police will send free tickets for some fantastic sports event, to all those with outstanding warrants, and they are picked up when they arrive for their freebie.

James Randi might be doing us a favor by "busting" fakes, yet I can't help but wonder what happens to those who pass his test? Who do they end up working for? I avoid all things Randi out of survival instinct. ;)


Nov 24, 2011
Even if someone did it and, gave undebatable proof that they have psychic abilities he wouldn't give them the money lol. Just the same I doubt that any real psychic would actually do this unless they want to become a lab rat for the government or some other private corporation.


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Dec 1, 2004
Randi wants it to be scientifically proven and have someone do it at the drop of a hat with every demand. One has been tested in a lab already. John Edward. Unless you are an alien who can communicate telepathically, I don't think anyone can produce telepathy or such here on Earth on demand. It isn't Time Warner Cable or HBO here, in a manner of speaking.

P.S. If a Christian sect out there were really smart, they would offer Randi proof of Elijah's prophetic skills and how they all came to pass! Can Randi poopoo the Bible?