Wormhole construction


Nov 2, 2019
the f=1/t in one of the pictures ive uploaded was mentioned and thats the same equation given to george van tassel by the aliens who he met through abductions and he asked the secret of time travel and they gave him that so whoever must of built it says it works may of tested it or known someone who did so why would someone want it removed unless its really true or hits upon some truth about it, maybe you nixie can update the design and correct it if you know about it more than what's shown, as for a disintegrator how do you know that nixie it wouldn't by any chance be an enlargement of the alien amoureux, or flash gun schematics would it be , or another way to make it .
I just know the way i drew things in that picture is all wrong and not safe I wanted that removed for that reason.. wow.
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steven chiverton

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Dec 8, 2015
well then add an improved corrected one then this could be made on a small scale as for the gas you used well why use that gas it wont quench electrical arcs, Sulfur hexafluoride dose that , if i remember it ok