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HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! If you are reading this then you are one of the true beautiful people.

My deepest apologies if I posted on the wrong thread. This can be used to time-travel so I should be ok.

Moving along....

This is something I learned about, 30 years ago. It requires minimum skills to create, yet requires a specific level of access to execute. I myself have never done it because I didn't have private land to conduct this experiment. I realize that I may not be able to do this and don't feel right taking it to my grave. This experiment will render you the ability to astral project at will, manifest, breathe life back into a freshly deceased body, and of course, TIME TRAVEL....and probably a whole lot more! I truly believe you can make a portal-suit with this as well. It has properties that can help you, or make your life miserable, depending on your intentions.

I'm 46 years old, and when I was around 16-17, I ordered a bunch of crazy things through the mail. Access to information was scarce, but what you got was pure gold. I ALMOST got my hands on the schematics for an invisibility gun, but was too late in requesting the blueprints from a laboratory in New Mexico. It was conveniently burnt down.

I digress.

The individual who wrote this article was one of 2 cries for help I have read in my adventures. The first one was abducted from aliens and was forced to disarm the nuclear explosives set to go off in Chicago, 20 years in the future. They destroyed his life. However, That has long passed. The second one was visited by the "serpent" who said, "lucky are you to see me and live to talk about it." This guy was GIFTED but abused his powers, which drew in the dark(er) side. If he didn't like you, he would squeeze his wrist while thinking (choke) and the person, in question, would suffocate. He was given this technology and shared it for self-serving reasons, which were to be free from the steel-thumb of darkness, holding him down in life. Therefore, that being said, You have been warned. Take baby steps when playing with this. Always have a point of "aborting the mission" and stepping back to regroup.

I had issues with sharing this, but was told, in spirit, that I am totally clear in sharing this as this is now the age of Aquarius, and not Pisces. Meaning, that this was a definite trap, then, but now can be used for our advancement. This is due to our collective heightened awareness. If we were to go back to the 90's or earlier, we would glow and look like angels due to our advancements as a society....BUT....like anything else, it can be abused...So here goes.

The supplies needed are as such:
One metal bucket (and a means to ground it)
one high pole (conductive, but if not, then connect steel cables to the bucket, to ground the bucket)
Iron Nails
Shotgun with bird-shot (or a means to shoot a shell on a work-bench)

And that's it.

Step 1 attach bucket to either a long, metal conductive-pole then stick it in the ground, or attach it to a very high ((ABANDONED)) Wood pole (used for electrical wires). If the pole is wooden then ground it with a thick steel cable.

Step 2 Fill bucket with iron nails.....Load it up!

Step 3 Wait for lightening to strike it and fuse the nails together.

Step 4 experiment with the lumps of extremely magnetic molted steel.


Step 5 shoot the lump of steel with bird-shot and collect the pieces that have bird-shot magnetically attached to the steel. The lump will most likely break.

And there you have it.

Firstly, if you don't take the shotgun route, you will have a very powerful magnetic force.

Now real quick, I will give you the law of manifestation break down. I'm no Guru, but I have written a really FAT technical manual on LOA, so I have done my due-diligence. It's so technical and boring that I don't even promote it. I needed it to be in the library of commerce and the Akashic records.


Aether "mind matter" (when you focus)
collapsed becomes gravity
collapsed becomes magnetism
collapsed becomes electricity
collapsed becomes light
collapsed becomes heat
collapsed becomes vibration
which thus collects and creates matter, depending on the power and focus of the Aether.

This magnet, in my opinion, is like a very powerful gyroscope. All you have to do is tap it and it will float away very gracefully, yet with powerful kinetic-energy. That being said, your thoughts might go a lot further and a lot faster whilst in the presence of this magnet. Basically, You would be tuning your vibrations to the magnet whilst concentrating on your desires. This, in turn, would add some serious UMPH to your thoughts.

Now onto the shotgun...When you shoot this magnet, it gets distorted. I believe it shreds through the aether-matter, creating portals. Also, once again, your thoughts will be impactful but probably WAY MORE potent as this thing is now (most likely) shredding veils.

If you take the pieces of shotguned-iron and surround yourself with them while looking at the mirror, your astral body will jump into the mirror, out of panic, and then bounce back again when it sees you from the other side.

And again and again until you get a grip. You will be confused on where you are truly at. Once you regroup, you can move along.

If you surround these pieces around a dead body, then life will enter back into it, but it wont be nice and you will lose someone, or a pet, in order to pay retributions. Watch "Pet Cemetery" to watch what can happen to you, if you do that.

Lastly, you can probably "leap" if you wear them on your person, while standing on top of an artificial grid point. Instead of making a stairgate, you would be the stairgate. Once again....please know your shit before attempting this.....or call the suicide hotline. HAHAHA

That's it

I wish all of my fellow mad-scientists a heaping bowl of blessings.



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if you truly believe this works why didn't you try it, I know you said its because you don't have private land to conduct the experiment but still if you truly believe that this will allow you to time travel why didn't you at least try in a isolated location.


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Because although I find the subject fascinating, time travel is not my path. I live in the lightning capital of the world and will definitely, one day do it, but I won't take it past the fusing of the metal. I think it would be fun and interesting to make atlantean wands with it.


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where did you get the information from ? what source ?
International Guild of Occult Sciences (I.G.O.S.) They had an AWESOME catalogue that went out of business in the late 90's.......then made a soft comeback.

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