Your own death Predictions.

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Welcoming Forums member views and thoughts on this.

It may seem a bit forlorn, but its a paranormal forum. :)
As is a tradition in Ireland to be laid out in the house for those to
come and pay their respects.

One of my uncles organised his own funeral, paid for it in advance and made
some special requests.

His request was to be a life of the party, laid out for all to see. He paid for the party in advance.

Two of have ive been witness to, my grandfather 94 in Ireland. A cousin here in Australia died much younger before her time, God bless she is in a better place after much pain.

Thoughts, as this being a predominately time travel oriented forum. Be interested so see if you have seen your own passing of the soul.

Kind regards



My parents bought grave headstones and they are sitting waiting for them. I don't like it.
But, I suppose if someone knows their time is coming, planning is never a bad thing.

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The human race is still not clear on life and death, more so on the passing of the body. If it were understood correctly, it would be more of a celebration than it is now. When your soul leaves the body it is more of a lateral move to the next destination, or plain of existence. So there is nothing to fear. You soul(you) is pure energy. When it leaves it goes on to live the next part of life.. Although that is sometimes depended upon you. God gave us all free will, although we use it daily here in the life of the body, it can also be used in the passing. That discussion is much longer. But i explain it in a few of my videos on youtube


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I had a vision years and years ago,apparently I die from natural old age range 85 years old in a retirement home ,in this vision o saw myself hobbling around on a zimner I got years and years