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i look forward to the Time era where Peace and Technology is Great, then we won't always have to wonder, how to make money to survive lol . imagine how much will be done, when technology is used to lift the stress of survival , off of the People. What a Great Era this world is entering Now. Peace is brought by Technology, when used peacefully, and this causes growth of Human's , faster than any other. Peace.
also remember, that which you wish to invent, is only limited to that which you believe. Take what You know, and adapt it to your imagination, That is how most great inventors, succeeded. .. then again i could be total wrong lol just sharing what my gut says again. Never give up on your dream invention or your dreams, forever . alrighty then, Peace All . :)
i just saw the show "Continuum" , took a while, but i got through the series, and That show, is Brilliant ! Awesome ! .... total Wow ! total total rad ! alrighty Peace all :)