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As far as government is concerned, the phrase "Throw the rascals out" is just another way of saying "Hey, let's install a whole new group of rascals! Yeah! That'll fix everything!"
I have been following politics for the past 50 years and it seems to go that way...every two years, weather it be the mid-terms or general electon. Whoever is in, the other guys say they are no good and it goes back and forth. Trump is the only one to come along and not play by their rules, which is like lawyers play by...a paper shuffle that makes us poor and them rich!
I can't imagine why liberals support candidates that want to ruin this country and make them slaves under their control. They are delusional people that want to go back to the way it was before Trump...doesn't make any sense that they want to be losers, not winners.
If you are in the minority,
then give thanks
that you are not living in a Democracy.

Long live the Republic!
Korean products are getting really creative! First it was snail cream now syn-ake (synthetic snake venom) and spider web essence and many more! Gotta love k-products.
@Num7 why is it my phone won't access my gallery when I try to edit my avatar? It keeps showing me my camera instead of my gallery and I can't change it. I'm so confused.