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Yes! There are a few rare individuals that are holding this plane of existence in tact by those who rise above the ancient cosmic subconscious memory tide who neutralizes major vibrational upheaval and prevent another repeated destruction upon the surface of our planet. Without these cosmic masters living within our midst the earth would be as desolate as the Sahara itself.
Is anyone out there interested to know what the grand cosmic plan is for our planet? Could this be the center of all religiousness?
Would an object delivered by an alien being prove its existence of another world? If I had such a geode and cut it open and test the diamond like crystals inside and were proven not to exist on earth; would that be proof enough?
I'm looking forward to share my personal conversations about Admiral Byrd's family and my invitation to the Admiral's 70th anniversary and Operation Highjump 50th anniversary back in 1995 and our discussions regarding U Boat Commander Ritter Von X and the missing diary of Admiral Byrd.
I found this site as a great source to discuss many things from missing time, alien abductions, cosmic beings, past and future lives, flugelrads (correct name for UFO's) and of course as an author, researcher and a associate movie producer I look forward sharing my experience and knowledge regarding alien existence and the feature screenplays regarding my true story regarding the discovery of the Hollow Earth & more.
Last night a Chinese guy came to my favourite bar..I asked him if he knew Kung Fu, he said no and is that because im Chinese?..I said no, its because youre drinking my beer ;)