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Hola como estas mi nombre es Alejandro y necesito que ayudes a construir una máquina del tiempo, por favor comunicate conmigo yo no pertenezco aqui
Hola necesito tu ayuda para poder crear una maquina del tiempo no es con el fin de arreglar o hacer el mal sino oara hacer el bien espero que puedas leer esto
still dealin with a lot of suff right now in life, but i do want to check out posts in the forum and reply to many as well, but might be a while. stay cool all. :)
continued : anyhow i typed more than intended yet again lol, just keepin things real though. anyhow , thank you though, TimeFlipper, for what you said. :) who knows, maybe fate will have me with another lady someday. i have no idea. but again thanks for what ya said, its all good. :) stay cool. peace :)
it's cool , TimeFlipper. :) as for a special person i'm not aware of yet, that's definitely always a thought that does slip into my mind at times, but to be quite blunt and honest , i got nothing to offer anyone , which is why my ex-wife divorced me . i got my heart , my soul, but nothing else really. a broken family , no money , and mental health issues, is not something i want to put upon another.
You have a wonderful value, which is depicted in your choice of name for our Paranormalis family...We know where your heart and soul lays, and eventually people on the outside world will know that also...If those who cannot understand who you are then that is their loss, and no fault of yourself :)