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Headcase watch on a few fronts. One is a serial man basher, the other well i dont think hes knows what he is.
I am "unfollowing" everyone I previously followed here. There is nothing personal about this. It's just something I need to do. Feel free to do the same to me (if you were silly enough to follow me to begin with). I won't be offended.
I'd like to say that I want to be a kid again but my childhood was the worst soo... I don't think I wanna relive that as a child (or even as an adult) again so nevermind.
White skin is one of the beauty standards in the Philippines. As a person who is fairer than my classmates I get stared at like that one time in a beach with my swimsuit on. Others also ask if I'm a halfie. Both my parents are Filipino but I think they have some Spanish blood too.. (1/2)