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My dream predicted the next day + theory why it did?

Discussion in 'Future Predictions' started by SuperN3rdMaster, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. SuperN3rdMaster

    SuperN3rdMaster Member

    Feb 19, 2017
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    hey guys i been here for a while, and this is a good site so far i like to look at random forums to see the different type of topics of something extra orderly happen to them now it's my turn to tell something that something cool/weird occurrences to me. it just was a simple dream i saw the same puppies my mum dog have i saw them got them out the cage and the mum but they all went anywhere then we couldn't find them i was scared because my mum was going to be piss at me cause i let them all out but i didn't find them in the dream then i saw the mum dog in front of the door i saw this this really upset me cause it i don't remember what i called in the dream it was between dumb or stupid dog i was really mad that it did dig that hole out of the cage for the puppy to get it then after i was a bit depressed in the dream cause the dog run away after i went to check on the puppies i thought mum would think would yell at me and that it wasn't my fault i was asleep in the night i had no power over it then after that i woke up then i saw the freaking dog at the door i was piss in real life this time i was you stupid dog i was worry about the puppies so i went to check on them i was please be in there the hole was deep btw then i got there i check the cage i was all them still in it one almost got out so if i sleep in later they all could of of escape so i cover the holes with a wood log big enough to so they can't get out i went to go get the dog but she was missing i think she knew i was going to put her back in i looked everywhere then i tried calling mum i started getting depressed cause i thought i couldn't do my job right! then the dream suddenly came into my head after this thing so i thought to my self i'm not gonna get depressed over this so i called mum she wasn't angry thank god for that. so i called her she said just wait for me to come home i said what happen if she couldn't find her she said as long the puppies are ok but if i see the dog i just have to tie her up i still haven't find her yet i hope mum find her cause it her boy friend dog i still feel some what responsible for this cause i didn't tie her up first so yeah this is my story so far i will update when mum gets home , here my theory why the dream was 70% correct. i had an astral projection into a parallel universe but it wasn't gonna be the right one that why it wasn't the right dream in the right universe it only a short theory the best i can think off.
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  3. MetaMatrix

    MetaMatrix The Man of Esoteric Knowledge

    Aug 19, 2016
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    It happens to me almost everyday....
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  4. Luke.369

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    Oct 19, 2017
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    I know how you feel, as I have had a dream which was the same dream every night for 16 years and couldn't stop it.
    Then one day I looked out my window one night while awake and the dream started playing out in reality. Dreams are like prophecys; you don't know what they rely mean until they have played out.
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