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Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation-Part-2

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Kazper, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Oct 5, 2017
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    There is much self responsibilities to myself that go along with this.

    This is clearly evident in me presently

    I spend less and less time in reality or the 3-D World

    I was in Pain relieving clinics under groups of Doctors on very high MGs of opiates for 17 years

    Though this talks about normal times, I tend to do this in hours where days do not exist as Sunday-Saturday. There is only one safe zone in my home where everything that happens. NOTE- I have placed this room, which is also my bedroom, communications room, informational, data, experiences all happen and it feels extremely high in energy

    Again my safe zone as I call it , is where I sleep for up to 22 hours at times and as short as 45 minutes

    This has been a common problem for many years, which has gotten more frequent. I believed this was mental issues, but since it was never consistent I disregarded it many many many times

    this again is what I thought was mental anxieties / Panic situations. I was wrong

    It has come to the point where the so called News like Foxnews, CNN etc... Aren't enlightening me and a waste of my time and only seem to get in my way. Though I do view these NEWS places to read between the lines, decode messages and confirm my thoughts , but mostly in the things that are related to gathering of info to put different parts together to reduce them to a certain meaning to myself

    Food and eating is just another bodily function to me. Plus my body always knows what I need to eat.

    I have made everyone I know very distant to me in A short time, they do not seem to fit into my life as I know it now. However I do what I call "DOWNTIME" to sit down or hangout as a break from what I am feeling. I do not want anyone to think or become suspicious of something is happening.

    My old routines are all almost non-existent to me, nor do I care that they are.

    I commonly feel this way all the time

    I do have "PIGOUT" sessions on much food like I have the munchies.

    Certain thing of thought and or visuals can make me feel like I'm helpless in changing or helping others and I seem to take pity on the unfortunate others.

    I feel as though something is Missing in my life in my current timeline and only feel safe, comfortable and content in the feelings I am having only.

    The is a biggy, But has brought to my attention that it is not mental illness or medical problem. I was enlightened on this strongly.

    I am very overwhelmed but I do understand what it means . Understanding it seems to reassure me it is ok

    The subtle enlightenment has explained why I had or will have these episodes of depressive thoughts that barely seem to stick to my thought process and i dismiss them quickly

    This is HUGE, the things I'm experiencing are not typical of a dream

    I actually try to escape "to reality" as people would call it with use of alcohol and pot

    I find myself shutting my eyes and placing it against the wall until the dizziness passes

    Extremely achy everyday day, the pain will vary

    In my case I seem to get full body excruciating itching which has lead to intense showering for relief but have no visual signs of rashing.

    Many times my ears act like they are tuning in a shortwave signal and I receive static sounds just like a radio dead sound

    Heart palpitations seem to hit and run in a split second

    My body feels like it is being cleansed and is a very unique sensation that I find delightful at times

    This a so frequent it has now become a part of me

    This is another thing that is so frequent to me also.

    I feel very tired when I seem to take in to much information because I can't seem to get enough of it, but I do understand I'm am exhausted.

    I usually get my head shaved down to and acceptable level very frequently and my beard seems to grow at rapid pace overnight.

    My weight jumps from gaining weight to losing weight in an extreme fashion and has become a concern of my doctor. the weight fluctuation can be 10-25 pounds at times.

    This is very freaky, its almost like the loss of time when smoking marijuana does to people. Plus forgetting why I am in a certain place and what I was looking for.

    Again these are just my own experiences and has just given me a sense of accomplishment which has made me feel like I made a confession of some sort. Thank You for your time and understanding. This has helped me so much for making this known to thers and getting it off my chest

    --Grandmother Twylah, Seneca-Oneida
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