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Scientific reasons why Bajak Flux Capactor should work

Discussion in 'Time Machines and Experiments' started by Opmmur, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Bajak claim of Time Travel Circuit - 02/09/96

    Enclosed is information I found on the Internet trying to validate the Bajak Time Flux Capacitor as a real Time Travel Device. Professor Opmmur

    This file was originally posted in on 02/09/96 in the Unclassified section of the KeelyNet BBS. Since there are a lot of folks who are interested in Time Travel circuits, the following information was courteously shared with us by an Anonymous contributor about one year ago. He is a long time KeelyNetter who has made many useful suggestions and contributed several interesting files over the years, THANKS! (Transcriber's note: This is typed exactly as received from John Bajak.)


    A schematic was originally hand-drawn - Flux Capacitance Time Travel Circuit (c) John

    Bajak 1990

    / |
    +-------o o----/\/\/\/---+------+-------+
    | S1 | | | |
    | G1 | | \
    + --- + | --- --/-> G2
    ----- B1 ----- XXX P1 \
    --- C1----- --- |
    ----- | | o
    | | | \ G3
    | | | o

    B1 27 volt source​
    C1 1200 uF 50V electrolytic​
    P1 piezoelectric transducer (value uncritical)​
    S1 charging switch (SPST)​
    G1 25-ohm rheostat (future control)​
    G2,G3 switch (SPST) and 1M-ohm potentiometer for past control​
    (Transcriber's note: I don't know whether G1 and G2 are really supposed to be a rheostat and a potentiometer, or both rheostats, or both pots. He refers to two rheostats elsewhere, and I was just going to call them pots until I remembered that rheostats would have some inductance.)


    January 31, 1994 P. O. Box 8324
    White Plains, NY 10602-8324 xxxxx x xxxxxxx
    xx xxxxx xxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx Dear Mr. xxxxxx: Enjoy. In summary, to time travel is sort of like constructing a nuclear bomb - but instead of needing critical _mass_, one needs critical _energy_ to "break the time barrier". That energy is 1215.9 microfarads. Play around with it. Send money when you get back. Thanks. Sincerely,
    ...signature... - John Bajak

    READ THIS MANUAL! Instructions for Use of Temporal Flux Generator: With batteries installed, Depress switch for 3 to 4 seconds,

    Release for 3 to 4 seconds;

    Repeat as necessary. IMPORTANT! Point transducer output toward the person or thing you want changed. That thing, such as a clock or piece of shelving, Will begin oscillating between past and future. Depending on which side of time you catch it on, depending also on the periods of switch on/off, and direction pointed, _CREATES_ action, derived from oscillating time. DANGER! _Do_ _Not_ point at yourself For any appreciable amount of cycles. DAMAGE to your time detection circuits may occur, Damaging your overall sanity. You may in the course of activation, meet yourself. Do not panic; Be reassured that if you know yourself, Only one of you will survive. The generator is more powerful during Nighttime. If directed toward yourself at night, do not be surprised if you cannot sleep. However, try to sleep. The process of sleep reintegrates yourself. If at allppossible, "SLEEP!" Daytime may bring observations of being darker than day usually is. Direct Sunlight Radiation is good for burning off disintegration, But communication of time travel existence Is an affect that others may not believe or can comprehend. Being with others has a balancing effect; So does poetry. ...several philosophical pages omitted...



    By John Bajak P. O. Box 8324
    White Plains, NY 10602-8324 THE 911 BEGINNING It was a hot summer, needless to say, and I survived by the skin of my teeth; a minute of miracle and wonder. You see, I had just built an electroshock machine made of batteries, a capacitor, and a switch. But, just by change, the monday after Andrew Dice Clay on Saturday Night Live, I decided to attach to the leads of the machine a piezoelectric crystal (which is a piece of computer equipment that buzzes). The air turned funny when I pressed the button. I could see and feel an effect I can only describe as an electrical and subliminally acoustical roller coaster. At first it gave me headaches. I brought it to Sir Costa's Pizza Cafe where I used to work and sprayed their foyer. It worked for them too; it gave them a headache. More sooner than later, I noticed time stretched thinner and thinner until I noticed time seemed to stop while it was turned on. This took place in clocks I watched on my VCR and a German-made clock given to me by my father. I noticed time seemed to decelerate after a certain period of turnon, then accelerate when the button was turned off, according to the changing pattern of the capacitor. Then I realized for what it was: a flux capacitor. I then, during wednesday and thursday, wrote how it could be attached to any internal combustion engine, and how in a static frame could be extremely dangerous. It could be used for _time_ _travel_. That friday I realized that the future was probably where Deborah Poe went (she had disappeared from a circle K convenience store nearby months previous) for I had participated in the Search for her at the Mall and had reported to the lieutenant I had seen a UFO that Monday Morning she disappeared on an early morning walk. The circumstances around her disappearance was mysterious, as she left her purse and car keys behind. Deborah Poe was an aaspiring yuppie, earning money for a house of her own. Too much began happening. I was a pure clock-filter of information. What happened Friday after the invention freqked me out. I found myself calling dozens of phone numbers, talking in understanding with the people on the other end, and getting working answers back. Eventually, by Sunday night/monday morning, and 911 rescue calls more than 7 times in a period of five hours, and they getting more and more excited (my saying what I had invented and they kicking me upstairs) they told me to lie down and get some sleep. I did, and the TV exploded, which had been turned on. First it started talking to me, threatening me that it would stop time if I didn't call 911 again. It spoke a command - LAUGH OFF - then exploded. I felt myself burning, lying on the couch with my back to the tv, but there were no flames. Then the tv reassembled itself and the flames stopped. I checked my papers on the floor and they weren't even singed. I called 911 again and they kicked me upstairs twice. They said the sheriff was outside. I ran out yelling "sheriff! sheriff! I was freaked out. He was there. It was a late-model Cutlass Sierra by Chrystler, licence BCK 312. He was heavily outfitted, and the car was about 17 feet long, longer than the standard 15 feet, and wider. He requested backup. He was covering a disturbance in an apartment nearby. Another, just as big police car drove up in about fifteen to twenty seconds. A cop and a "student cop" wearing a police academy t-shirt came out. They came in the apartment and inspected. They told me to go back to sleep. I tried, but for some reason, I got dressed and took the flux capacitor to the Mall, which by this time was fully flossed by the molybdemum-like smell of the flossy chemical ignition, and the Police Inspector along with the student Cop, inspected it -made me disassemble it (take off the cover) reassemble it, then he told me to fo home and go back to sleep. The next morning, astounded by what happened, called 911 to ask if I should go to the hospital. I had gotten used to calling 911. This time they came right away, and took me to Florida North Psychiatric Hospital.


    A LETTER TO THE NAVY December 3, 1990
    43 Tunstall Road
    Scarsdale, New York 10583 Dear Chaplain Cooley: I am writing to ask you to help clarify the events that happened to me June 1, 1990. You are the name I remember throughout that whole day. My father, RADM Sigmund Bajak asked the Orlando Navy Base to help take care of me until he arrived. I remember a security officer, you, a minister's son, the head Chaplain and a female chaplain, all of whom took good care of me when I was feeling anxious. You may be interested to know that I have moved up North. I have a volunteer job and receive disability, and I am doing well. Back to June 1st. In my memory, I remember the reasons I was anxious: Number one was owing my father seven hundred dollars. I was not being able to talk with him about this debt for a month because he was in Poland; Two, a feeling that I had invented a flux capacitor. This is a foundation for time travel, but I did not have a car to try it out. Finally, there were two more events I experienced that morning - these included a truck which seemed to be spraying the mall at a high rate of speed with a perfumy chemical which ignited, and a television program carrying a 1995 copyright which appeared on my home TV screen during a time in the morning when the station was supposed to be off-the-air. These June 1st anxieties made me lose all common sense and I am now trying to sort out my memories of that day to determine which events really happened. I am asking if you could reply with your observations of what happened to me while I was with you. Specifically,I remember that the President called the Chaplain's office immediately prior to the time that I went to the Protestant chapel. I clearly remember the secretary there coming to brisk attention from a seated position and saying, "Yes, Mr. President" and then listening intently and then following his instructions, making other phone calls. Thank you in advance for your reply which I hope will include reference to the June morning happenings described above. It is most important that you tell me what you observed during the seven hours I was with you. Sincerely,
    John Bajak

    (Another letter, written December 2, 1990, omitted. Possibly relevant information includes a reference to traveling back to September 9, 1981 and meeting a woman who he hopes to meet again in about ten years. (Strange that the Montauk story also includes a 20-year cycle.) Also, a claim of writing a letter to the Navy on October 22 and reading it on the prior June 4th. Also a reference to "some time mess in Central America" about May of 1990, and officials from the region meeting with him to discuss it. An admonition to always take popcorn with you on time trips as an offering of friendship. ) (Next, an essay on the social impact of time travel. Finally, his theory of time travel physics.)


    By John Bajak Time travel has long been within the realm of science fiction. It is also true that what Man can imagine must usually can be done, although not without effort. Experiment and theory lead to the same conclusion: time travel is not only possible, but easily practical. The definition of time itself relates to the physical value Love, measured in mass-seconds. Time is viewed not as a dimension in a continuum, but as a wave of Love arising from the light plane. Time travel is achieved by "surfing" like on an ocean beach to the edge of where love has been disturbed. The frame of reference of an inertial system is reduced to change in each of three physical dimensions as happening throughout the continuum.


    1. The universe as we know it is based on physical quantity "love".
    2. Love is indivisible.
    Proposition a: Love limits communication
    Proposition b: Love is infinitely accessible
    Proposition c: Love is finitely variable
    Proposition d: A point in the universe is an arc in love-explained space/time or mathematically

    F(P) = ((f(t), delta t, 1/t))

    Where a recursive arc usually felt as time is expressed as

    delta t = 1/t, or t (t -t ) = 1/t where x = F(t)

    X A B

    Defining Love as mass in time, one gram in one second = 1 unit of Love, 1 unit of love = 1 hubert, we have the expression L = mt2 Knowing work = energy / time, energy = mass * speedoflight ,

    wt = (L*c )/t

    2 2
    wt = Lvc

    Energy is equivalent to mass, energy defined as amplification (work from time = 0) and mass as love on a light plane. Amplification of mass on a light plane can be construed as the state of calculation (amplification) equalling the state of communication (light plane) In an empty space, capacitance, the ability to hold charge, necessarily is amplified mass. Recursive arcs of capacitance in Love theory are necessary; normally called resonance. Capacitance = time constant / resonance Time is a wave arising from the light plane. The solution to an individual time wave is

    C = TC / RC
    b a
    To find C as R goes to zero and C goes to C in this
    b b a

    (graph showing the intersection of a bell-shaped curve labeled resonance and a hyperbolic curve labeled time constant) Quartz, which has the property of negative inductance (in which mass moves in response to charge and vice-versa), when charge pulsed into a time resonant capacitor, "surfs" the time landscape, like a surfer in the sea, carrying mass in its wave along with it. Normal time, not having time resonant negative inductance, continues in appearance of a continuum, like the general theory of relativity U = (x,y,z,t) This has been proven in experiment wherein a quartz piezoelectric crystal has been placed in parallel circuit with a capacitance of time resonance (1214.9 uF) and given DC pulses. At a voltage of 9 volts and 1/2 second pulse frequency and ten second duration, the home clock has been pushed forward within the time field one second as compared with an away clock five feet away. This experiment has been duplicated three times at different voltages and distances. Generally, the higher the voltage, the higher the surf.
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    Reverse Time Travel Anecdote - 10/01/97

    The following file deals with what appears to be an electrically induced accidental trip back through time. If you have questions please direct them to the author. Thanks!

    From: Author - Emanon Inventors Association
    To: Jerry Decker

    Subject: My friend's time travel accident
    Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 03:58:29 -0700 Dear Jerry: Thanks for your interest in my friend's time travel accident. If you want to post it on your "time travel" htm page, you may. The following is a narrative about it... Well, it started last year around the middle of October when a friend of mine decided to build a shortwave receiver for his step-son as a Christmas gift. About a week, or so, after he finished his son's radio, he decided to build a radio for himself. However, he didn't want just any old radio-he wanted a full-wave/full-frequency radio. To save on verbosity, I won't go into the construction with much detail. However, I will say that the design could produce extremely high frequencies (to include the electromagnetic spectrum of light). I don't think we realized that at the time the radio was being built. But after studying schematics of assorted magnetrons (after the temporal displacements), we realized that this radio could go into that wavelength region. It is interesting to note that Nikola Tesla was quoted as saying that by producing a "wall of light" (no doubt with electromagnetic energy) space and time could be manipulated. Continuing, one night he was dicking with the radio for the better part of a late-night/early morning jaunt. That particular night (well, actually the early morning hours of the next day) it was raining and there was a local electrical storm in progress. About 3 A.M., all of a sudden, the loudspeaker of his radio started making this God-awful obnoxiously loud noise. Since he was living in an apartment, he immediately cut the speaker leads to the speaker so as not to p.o. his next-door neighbors. Once that was done, he whipped out his multimeter and started taking voltage checks of the circuitry. To his amazement, he was getting 44 - 45 Volts D.C. circuit wide (the radio was built to run off of 18 Volts D.C.). We talked about this afterwards and came to the conclusion that the aerial was inducting lots of highly-ionized air (from the rain and electrical storm) and thereby stepping up the voltage into the radio. It is of interest that John Bajak, developer of the Bajak Time Travel Flux Capacitor, claims his device operates on 44 Volts D.C. Hmmmm... About five minutes to four in the morning, and still taking voltage checks, my friend received a rather pronounced static discharge from the radio. He stepped back and noticed that, just above the coils, was a very peculiar glowing electrical field just above the center of the coils. He mentioned that this anomaly appeared completely circular with 3-4 glowing blue bands of light separated by bands of space. The space in between the glowing bands seemed to be pulsating from complete transparency to semi- opaquness. We attributed this phenomena (the pulsations) to electromagnetic "needles" (another concept that is too complex to be described right now). We thought this field might be one of two things:

    • 1 - St. Elmos Fire (we dismissed this because this phenomena glows with more of a purplish color and certainly doesn't cause completey circular, band delimited, glowing).
    • 2 - Electrical ionization of nitrogen (also dismissed because nitrogen doesn't glow blue or produce completely circular fields).
    This glowing field lasted about six - seven seconds and, then, abruptly disappeared. The most amazing thing, though, was the fact that after this field disappeared, ALL THE CLOCKS IN HIS APARTMENT HAD MOVED FROM 3:55 A.M. TO TEN P.M.!! (...time went backwards...) In fact, he then was able to use his "radio" to tune in our one, and only, local radio station (1450 K.O.N.P. in Port Angeles, WA) and was just in time to hear the beginning of the TEN O'CLOCK NEWSBROADCAST FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE!! Anyhow, he spent the rest of his "additional" six hours taking voltage/current checks on his radio. The multimeter was reading about 18 Volts D.C. (normal operational voltage). About 3 A.M., again, the voltage levels shot up to 44 - 45 Volts D.C. and precisely at 3:55 A.M., again, this weird glowing electrical field appeared. This time, however, I guess he must have been expecting it to appear and, almost as soon as it appeared, he ripped out the aerial wire. This caused the glowing field to immediately disappear and he guesses that it was probably present, this time, for about 1 - 2 seconds. Anyway, this time the clocks all jumped from 3:55 A.M. to 2:30 A.M. He tuned in K.O.N.P., again, and right around 2:45 heard the radio announcer announce the time as "2:45 A.M. here at our station". A few minutes after that, he unplugged his radio, got drunk, and fell asleep. Wouldn't you?! Later that day, sometime in the afternoon, he said one of his next-door neighbors came over to ask him if he was working with any radio-transmission equipment because his friend was watching T.V., with his A.M. radio on low volume, a few minutes before four that morning when the reception on both his T.V. and radio went completely screwy for about six - seven seconds. WEIRD! When he first told me of this tale, I thought he was just so much full of you- know-what. However, for months after that he bought every book he could find on electromagnetics and electrodynamics and was studying these texts for hours per day. So, maybe something really did happen. Who knows? Hope you liked my narrative. You can e-mail me, for any reason, at: [email protected] P.S. The one thing that puzzled both of us is that he did not meet a chronologically younger (six hours) version of himself after the first displacement and did not meet a chronologically younger (about 1 1/2 hours) version of himself after the second displacement. We pondered on this for MONTHS. Finally, we found a book entitled "Black Holes And Time Warps - Einstein's Outrageous Legacy" (by Kip Thorne) which seems to have answered that perplexing question. In the book, it mentions things which seem to come close to what happened to my friend. In the book, it is posited that what may have happened to him is what is known as an "electromagnetic stretch". They hypothesize that the Universe oscillates (electromagnetically at certain fundamental, and harmonic, frequencies) not only in three dimensions but in TIME as well and that if you could shield yourself from these oscillations that it might be possible to arrive at different times. They do mention that we are not aware of this process because we oscillate along with the Universe and, therefore, never notice these oscillating time shifts. I suppose an analogy would be thinking of being on a planet that rotates at about 1,000 M.P.H. and sails in its solar orbit (i.e., around the sun) at just about 67,000 M.P.H. - YET WE DON'T FEEL THE SPEED - GET IT!

    Vanguard/KeelyNet comments - this theory is very reminiscent of one related by the highly questionable Al Bielek where each mass aggregate is temporally and possibly spatially or dimensionally locked to its point of creation. See the file on Dimensional Shifts on KeelyNet.

    As of 10/02/97, I received an email from the author stating that an experimental circuit for the time travel device described above would be posted at the following URL;

    http://www.olypen.com/emanon /schematic.htmYou might check out the website to see what is available

    As of 10/02/97, the schematic is not online and in a subsequent email the author indicated it was thought best not to post it because it was too dangerous due to the frequencies used. Thanks!...>>> Jerry

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    An email was posted to a group of people on December 29th by one of the hotmail people claiming to be time travellers. A copy was not sent to me at that time, but a friend forwarded a copy. The method and comments follow the original suspicions.

    Now it's time for all 'Time Travellers'

    to FISH or CUT BAIT. Open Challenge to ANY 'Time Travellers' - 01/13/98

    This challenge is a result of claims from what purports to be more than one person, though it is being extended to ANY one person or group who claim to be able to actually travel in time, whether physical or mental. The claim from TVC is there are several time travellers, all using aliases that are non-traceable addresses. The person claiming to be in direct contact with these TVC time travellers purports to be a Jesse Stewart (the name given, not known to be factual). If ANYONE can TRULY traverse time at will, whether MENTALLY or PHYSICALLY, they have an opportunity to prove their CLAIMS to a section of the InterNet community who most appreciate honesty in claims and actions. Initial Proposed Test

    • Travel forward in time at least two full 24 hour days.
    • Acquire a future newspaper (not magazine) or watch a TV newscast and either cut out the news item or copy the details on a notepad.
    • Bring back that detailed and dated information.
    • Have that information notarized, provide the source of the information (who, what, when, where of TV broadcast or newspaper name)
    • Photocopy the proof and mail copies to a list of preselected, absolutely trustworthy, public individuals.
    • Mail the sealed copies parcel post (the slowest) the day before the event is to happen.
    In my personal experience, many free energy claimants refuse to back up their claims, using some of the following reasons;

    • the technology is still under development
    • fear of suppression by governments or vested interests
    • fear of loss of the invention to investors or rivals
    • unwillingness to trust others to replicate and verify
    • unwillingness to trust others in business dealings
    • something broke or went out of calibration/balance
    • I/we don't HAVE to prove anything to YOU or ANYONE else
      (but we can still make all the claims we want because people will JUST believe us and take our word for it)
    Note: it is one thing to post theories, concepts or speculation, but outright CLAIMS of RESULTS require proof on the part of the claimant Time Travellers, here is your chance to PROVE your claims. Perhaps you have a better test? Please let's post it and give the time travellers some options to choose from. What's in it for you, the time traveller? What could we possibly offer someone who could PREDICT THE FUTURE. You and anyone reading this is invited to post ideas - some kind of reward other than just being honest (since that's what makes the world go around 'in our time')? If you have any suggestions for further proofs of actual time travel, please email your time travel claim test ideas so we can publicly post them. Let's get them to either fish or let them continue to cut bait to feed the gullible.

    Why Time Vector Chronicles are no
    longer posted at Keelynet - 12/31/97

    Recently, I chose to remove the Time Vector Chronicles from KeelyNet as detailed in the following emails. I have had two emails asking what happened to them (one being the next day and probably a troll). So, I decided to just post the emails (sans addresses). The following email was sent after I read the time travel 'Technical Overview #2'.

    Disappointment with Aliens in a Time Tech document

    Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 04:39:02 -0800
    From: Jerry
    Organization: KeelyNet
    To: Joe Stewart
    Subject: Re: Second Copy - 'Technical Overview #2" Time Vector Field Ch Hi Joe! Well, read through the #2 article....it is very disappointing. I won't post it on KeelyNet unless the comments about aliens/grays and all that mess is removed. The recent post about the Secret Commonwealth is about the closest we've come to anything remotely alien, but it speaks of native, non-human races that have a near mythic history. Time travel is one thing, the rest sounds like filler that I just want no part of. You can edit out the alien material or I can do it and send to you for review. That kind of material is just too ridiculous to post in a file that is supposed to be about the technology of time travel. Sorry, I'd just rather not post it here if it continues to degrade to alien descriptions. Happy Holidays!

    Time Tech 2 Going Elsewhere

    Date: Tue, 23 Dec 97 09:06:28 -0500
    From: Joe Stewart
    To: Jerry Decker
    Subject: Re[2]: Second Copy - 'Technical Overview #2" Time Vector Fi Jerry, Thanks for telling me how you feel. Sorry if you don't like the material, but this is the information that was given to me and it has been read several times by the time travelers. To post just a portion of the material would make the interview incomplete and would be very dissapointing to them. We'll post 'Technical Overview #2" elsewhere. Thanks for your previous support. Best to you and keelynet Joe (Jesse) Stewart

    Removal of all TVC files

    Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 09:55:45 -0800
    From: Jerry
    Organization: KeelyNet
    To: Joe Stewart
    Subject: Re: Re[2]: Second Copy - 'Technical Overview #2" Time Vector Fi Hi Joe! I'll remove the other time travel files also since the truth has now come out...thanks and Happy Holidays!

    Next Day Query about TVC files
    My concerns about Anomalies

    Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 12:49:09 -0800
    From: Jerry
    Organization: KeelyNet
    Subject: Re: time travel Hi! This is probably a troll but I have no problem relating what happened and why. I chose to remove the 'TVC' files related to that particular story because of the most recent post, claimed to be 'tech' yet, was fully 1/2 about grays, aliens, changelings, Philadelphia Experiment, scalars and associated garbage. Some of which looked to have been 'lifted' from other sources. Keelynet does not 'do' aliens, grays and such pap. I asked Joe to please edit this material to keep it on topic (time travel technology) and he replied saying they would find another place to post it. When I was first approached about this particular storyline, I was quite skeptical....partly because Joe admitted he wanted to 'practice his writing skills', partly because he said he would use these 'interviews' to 'hone his skills'.... It was like pulling teeth to get a technical document which is after all, what KeelyNet tries to focus on. The earlier documents had many suspicious comments that had nothing to do with the storyline (but I posted them anyway) yet this one was so far out of bounds that I could not post it here. Just so. Hoaxers abound on the InterNet and I do hate games. We have a specific purpose for being here and putting up with all the hassles from people trying to promote their own agendas (especially aliens, UFOs, patriot and conspiracy material). They try to do this by using a target audience such as KeelyNet has acquired over many years by being as straightforward as possible. In truth, I don't think any of this particular time travel storyline was real. Too much mystery, too much additional non-related information, too much 'artistic license', no concept of what technical details means. It took me from January to about July to decide to go ahead and give them a shot. I don't particularly care about time travel information as KeelyNet concerns are stated quite clearly; gravity control, overunity and alternative health. There are some bridge subjects that are difficult to ignore and time (being related to gravity) is necessarily one of them. There will be others who will be more open and truthful, we shall wait....seeya!

    Inconsistencies & Caveats

    From : Anonymous (requested) Subject: another one bites the dust
    Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 21:16:56 -0800
    Hi Jerry! Thanks for your detailed message concerning my question as to what happened to the "Time Vector Field Chronicles". I started having doubts about "Jesse Stewart" for the following reasons:

    • 1 - In his original story, he claims his "temponaut" friends experimented with Bajak's Flux Capacitor and all they got was an ear-piercing shrill coming out of the piezo speaker (this, in itself, is bullshit because this "flux capacitor" uses D.C.).
    • 2 - Some time afterward, I received an e-mail from him asking for people to make their own "flux capacitor" circuitry, test it, then e-mail him with the results (why the hell would his friends want others to test it when they already had?).
    • 3 - I replied, with an e-mail to him, that John Bajak had untreated schizophrenia during the time he had his so-called temporal displacement. I sent this to him after receiving his e-mail mentioned in item #2.
    • 4 - I received a SECOND e-mail similar to the first one mentioned in item #2. Shit, this guy doesnt give up does he?!
    Well, at least his stories were imaginative and entertaining. P.S. You should really create a "Beware of Joe/Jesse Stewart" .htm file so other "weird science" webmasters/enthusiasts don't get sucked into this crap. The thing that bothered me the most is that ALL the e-mail addresses (stewarts, "sir thomas", pete savage, and "the colonel" are from hotmail-like they are hiding their true I.S.P. web/e-mail addresses). da da, dumb, dumb, dumb, another bites the dust!

    So, ladies and gentlemen, CHECK YOUR SOURCES...If they can't or won't give you additional contact information or you cannot get outside verification, your chain is probably being pulled. Don't do what I did recently by posting a fake death that some jerk dreamed up to get back at an F/E experimenter. Trust is no longer something you can automatically extend to people as a basic courtesy. You are setting yourself up to be screwed.

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    reply posted on 17-1-2003 @ 11:08 AM by joehayner
    Time travel is not possible.

    To travel back or forward in time, there must be a reference point to measure from. And since time is infinate(or so I believe) there can be no way to measure.

    Time travel may not be traveling through time, but around it. Moving into or onto a different plain, where time has less meaning, thus instant transportation(teleportation).

    From site

    "Stopping A Clock
    John Bajak has invented a Flux Capacitance Time Travel Circuit, and he even provides the schematics for it on his website. And it works, he says. It's amazing it never made the front page of the newspaper.

    Excerpt: "Point transducer output toward the person or thing you want changed. That thing, such as a clock or piece of shelving, will begin oscillating between past and future.... I noticed time stretched thinner and thinner until I noticed time seemed to stop while it was turned on. This took place in clocks I watched on my VCR and a German-made clock given to me by my father. I noticed time seemed to decelerate after a certain period of turn-on, then accelerate when the button was turned off, according to the changing pattern of the capacitor."

    Bajak goes on to relate how his TV exploded, reassembled itself, talked to him and "threatened" him. Gee, it seems like this time travel business can be dangerous. By his own admission, Bajak was taken to a psychiatric hospital where, I'm sure, he had a lot of time on his hands. However, if you're interested in building your own time travel devices, you should also check out the Delta-T Antenna, the Time Camera (which presumably allows you to take photos of the past and future, but does not explicitly claim that) and the Time Portal, which you can build in your very own backyard."

    [Edited on 17-1-2003 by joehayner]
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    Time Vector Field Chronicles - An Introduction
    Ladies & Gentlemen:

    Welcome to the Raulm Trust web site! In the memoirs and interviews found here, you will learn about the experiences of three men who claim to have physically traveled through time. Absurd and ridiculous you say? I must confess, I thought so too about a year ago. But as I have interviewed the time travelers and archived their material over the last year, an incredible system of logic, scientific discovery and metaphysical insight has

    unfolded before my very eyes. On one occasion, I was even allowed to observe their time ship which they have christened the Qabala and quite honestly, it was one of the most unsettling experiences I have ever encountered in my life. Although primarily made of modern materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum and fiberglass, I actually felt I was in the presence of a living creature. Strange stuff, no doubt! I really have no explanation for this feeling, except for what one of the time travelers told me and you can read that for yourself if you wish in “Technical

    Overview #2.”

    How did all of this interest in time travel come about? About a year ago, I was approached by my uncle and asked if I would like to write up a series of adventures and articles for some friends of his who had gone through some very unusual and mystical situations. These people apparently had some important information to convey to all those “who were receptive.” He knew I was going through major changes in my life and that I needed something intriguing to keep me focused and productive. He suggested that I meet with these men one night later in the week to discuss things and to find out if I was really up to doing this task.

    Upon meeting the three gentlemen, I was told by my uncle that due to the nature of the subject matter under discussion, their “true” identities were to remain a secret. I was introduced to a “Col. Dezeraie Stuart (no relation), Dr. Pete Savage and Sir Thomas Lancaster.” I won’t go into detail about my meeting with these men and their backgrounds here, since this is another story which is part of the Time Vector Field Chronicles. However, let me state that I was entirely unprepared for what they told me that evening. Col. Stuart and his associates painted a picture of inter-dimensional time travel to “vector points” situated in what they called the “time fabric.” They referred to their time ship, the Qabala and how pulsating, orthogonal magnetic fields and grid point power fluctuations could be used for actual time travel. They also talked about navigating what they called the “Inter-Dimensional Time Vector Matrix.” They alluded to some of their exploits and how they often traveled back and occasionally forward into time. In some instances, it appears they even tried to alter or affect historical events in the past for the betterment as well as the preservation of mankind. I was totally mesmerized by what they were telling me and actually wondered at one point if I was dreaming!

    Sir Thomas also talked about the great mystical experiences the group encountered in their time travels and something he calls the “Godhead Chronicles.” All three men say that without a doubt, these mystical encounters were the greatest reward of their time travel exploits. In addition to the technical information and adventures, they apparently have something very profound to tell “all those who will listen.”

    To be perfectly honest, I had some misgivings about working with this group because I thought they were very eccentric and perhaps crazy. However, the deciding factor for me was when I talked to my uncle who is approaching seventy-one years of age and he told me he was a contemporary of Dr. Savage, a man who appears chronologically to be at most, in his mid-forties! When I pointed this out to my uncle he indicated that the time travelers had figured out a way to use “time fabric” entry and exit points as a means of looking younger. This made me think there was more to all of this “time travel” business than I first thought and I was hooked for good!

    Once I had reached an agreement with the group concerning my fees for service and the cost of setting up a non-profit entity to copyright and publish material, I began the arduous task of writing up the events as they were told to me. This was a very difficult situation because each time travel memoir/interview had to be approved by all three time travelers prior to publication. They were all very concerned about misinformation getting out to the world about important discoveries. Thus, the memoirs and interviews that can be obtained from this site have been checked very thoroughly for accuracy by the time travelers prior to their actual release by me.

    I personally hope that you the reader enjoy the Time Vector Field Chronicles as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Regardless of your perception of these events, perhaps in some small way, they will serve to expand the horizons of your own world.

    With Deepest Regards,
    Jesse Errol Stewart
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    This is very troubling to me, I do not like posting this type of information about someone. If you have read the information above and especially the letters written to doctors, the information below may aid you in understanding John Bajak and and the mental illness of schizophrenic.

    After spending considerable time researching John Bajak and his Time Machine, reviewing the simple electronic circuit, it is my personal opinion it's a hoax. I also believe John Bajak really thought in his delusional mind that he had a real working Time Machine. Many others also tend to believe John’s story without really knowing his mental condition. Have not been able to find any current information on John, but I really wish him well wherever he is.

    John Bajak and understanding schizophrenia

    When people hear the word schizophrenia, it can make them think of a lot of things. But what most people think about schizophrenia is usually not accurate.

    Schizophrenia is not anyone's fault. It doesn't develop because of something that someone did. It is not a personal weakness or flaw.

    Schizophrenia is an illness that affects the way you think, behave and experience things.
    Although there is no cure, the symptoms of schizophrenia can be made more manageable. You may find over time that, with the right medication and ongoing support, someone with schizophrenia may be able to work or go to school.
    Another thing you should know is that you are not alone. About 1 in every 100 people has this illness, and there are many places you can go to that provide support.
    Knowing the causes

    The cause of schizophrenia is not known, but it is thought that a person's genes (family history), biology (brain chemistry and structure) and environment (birth trauma, viruses, stressors) may all play a part in this complex illness.
    Recognizing the symptoms

    Schizophrenia symptoms may include the following:
    • Hallucinations — hearing voices or seeing things that are not there.
    • Delusions — believing things that are not real or true.
    • Disorganized speech and behavior — difficulty organizing thoughts, remembering things, or keeping several ideas in mind at the same time.
    • Limited emotional expression — finding it hard to show emotion.
    • A lack of motivation — difficulty starting and following through with activities.
    • Limited thought and speech — not talking as much. No longer finding pleasure or interest in life activities.
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    I recall that Dr Z told me and Num over chat that John had committed suicide. Anyone else has more info on it?