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Blog Num7's Dream Log

For some reason, I'm having some crazy dreams lately. I'm going to write them down, to practice my writing. It's an excellent creative activity.

Here's one from earlier this week:

The Batmen
I’m with random people I seemed familiar with in the dream but do not know. We are some expo-center, at a conference. Lots of...

Blog Pushing Back the Birthdate of Paranormalis to April 14th, 2003

Hey everyone! It feels like I haven’t posted a blog entry here in years!

This time, I’ll take you with me on a journey to find the actual birthdate of our community, some 20 years ago. Let’s do some Internet archeology together, shall we?

I’ve always considered that our community came to life in 2004. On June 9th, 2004, to be exact. It’s the...

Blog A three year LOA

Its interesting to see after leaving in 2020 a 37 page thread devoted to one individual that has gone off the radar. It shows how meaningful and important this member is to this community. But the flip side is it shows that I am quite the opposite. I left for three years, returned to not a peep about me. No "Where's Khaos?" I searched my...

Blog Time Chatter and HDRKID's Forum

I was browsing old snapshots of sites I used to visit while discussing with Cosmo about the Chronovisor. It made me think of Time Chatter, which then made me think of HDRKID's forum. I figured I'd go ahead and write something about these 2 sites that are now gone.

Let's go back to the past! Enjoy a little nostalgia to finish the year strong...
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Blog Those Who Are Hellbound in Using There Radionic Types of Machines for Healing or for Time Traveling!

Hey fella’s,

Been a busy year! The first I had to setup and purchase a few crypto coins. This is important to us, I want to get BIO-WELL along with the Spooky2 Scalar generator and receiver. These are two separate control boxes…. I have to get the ”LIFE“ meter. So, I can check if my tuned ”wordings” to it. I had the older one for free...
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Blog My Medium Journal


So, I decided to go ahead and open a Medium account. Medium is one of the world's biggest and most credible blogging platforms right now. It is said that it's possible to make money off of it when you're articles get noticed.

I didn't upgrade my account to a paid one, yet. I probably will if I ever get a tiny, little bit of traction...

Blog Destiny or fate. Or the third option.

My name is not important. But my life from the very beginning I'm talking conception beginning. My mom was 21 when she had me in March of 82. Not to big of a deal kids are born every few minutes. Well my mom was diagnosed with a auto immune disease that attacks everything it deemed a threat. As well before she turned 20 she became I'll with a...
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Blog 11,000 Posts Later

This is my 11,000th forum post.

11K posts is an average of 2 posts per day, for 17 years. That's pretty long-term, right there. How much time I've spent here, and how many years it's been, absolutely baffles me. So many things have changed over the past 17 years. Yet, Paranormalis has been a constant in my life.

I'm still 2,000 posts behind...
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Blog My story about Aliens and God

Since a long time, the Univers have give birth to his own Son. It was in 2000, i was 20 years old. In france, a big tempest have occured in 1999. It was the first Satanic test of the Devil. The result if a new erea of cathastrophic events.

They was lot of light and ufo in the sky. The sky was on fire. Why ? . Somethink have started...
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Blog Paula's Search for Artifacts

I always have the urge to explore and find things. I own 15 acres and have been digging around for a few years. I check the holes the wild boars dig up. I checked the creek when it dried up. I've used a metal detector. I can't find anything. This area had a lot of native activity. We even have a museum proving it. I also live near the...

Blog My 16th Paranormalis Anniversary

I joined this site 16 years ago!

I was 18... I was in college, studying IT. I was still a kid, living with my parents. Playing video games. Watching movies online. In other words, I pretty much had infinite free time, or so did I think back then.

It was a weird period of my life. You're an adult, yet, still a kid. Nothing in particular...

Blog the bad guyz are actually the good guyz!

what if i can prove that every body you were told was bad .is actually the good guyz.the more evil they say they were the more they were really great people!

Blog On Passion Projects | So Many Things, So Little Time

Do you have a passion project ?

Paranormalis is one of my passion projects. I often wish I'd spend more time on it. But what time?

I have several dream projects I'll very likely never do. I'd like to develop and release a game of my own. Compose music for something that gets recognition. Write something, book or ebook. Become a streamer...
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Blog Wilderness Survival Blog



Every Day Carry

What will you carry every day? What is a realistic EDC?

There are all sorts of lists of things for EDC, and most of them list some very wise and useful items. But if you were to carry everything that might be useful, most likely you would need a wheelbarrow.


Here is a minimal list:


Blog Storage


Blog “It's like looking for a needle that no one ever lost in a haystack that never was.”

Blog Future

" The future's so dim, I can't where shades".:cool:

Blog What Really Matters

"What really matters is everything you learn after you know it all".

Blog I'm not afraid

"I'm not afraid of dying. I just don't want to be there when it happens".

Blog Hamlet

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are drempt of in your philosophy". William Shakespeare.

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