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Time Travel Schematics Initiative

This project allowed us to collect a substantial number of detailed time travel schematics that are now available. Click the links below to learn more about the Time Travel Schematics Initiative, and see our lists of time travel device schematics.

List of our time travel schematics

Read about the Time Travel Schematics Initiative

More links that will interest you:

Our Time Machines and Experiments forum section John Bajak Flux Capacitor Hyper-Dimentional Resonator

T.E.C. Time Archive Files

T.E.C. or TEC, stands for "Time Enforcement Commission". It is a website that has been offline for many years. It contained a lot of time travel schematics and unconventional science articles.

T.E.C. Time Archive

Chronovisor Project

The Chronovisor brings back to life old content that wouldn't be available online otherwise. Previously lost discussions from and, the previous iterations of Paranormalis. Also, content from other friend sites that closed down over the years.

Chronovisor Restored Content

For more details and how it works: Chronovisor Project.

John Titor

All the original John Titor content can be found on Time Travel Institute (TTI). His posts and messages, photos, IRC chat logs and also the faxes he sent to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. Titor's original username on the TTI BBS is TimeTravel_0.

Mad Man Marcum

In 1995, then 21-year old Michael "Mad Man" Marcum stole six power transformers from a Missouri power station for use in a large scale "time machine" he was attempting to construct.

Our main discussion about Mad Man Marcum:
UPDATE: Here's what happened to Mad Man Marcum and his Time Machine (Art Bell 1995)

Mad Man Marcum Episode on The Why Files:
Backyard Time Machine: The Time Travel Mystery of Mike “Mad Man” Marcum

Mad Man Marcum on Coast to Coast AM:
Mad Man Marcum | Coast to Coast AM

The Why Files

The Why Files is a channel for people who are fascinated (obsessed) with mysteries, myths, legends and conspiracies. We tell stories, seek the truth, and have a few laughs along the way.

Discuss The Why Files

The Why Files Youtube Channel: The Why Files - Youtube