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    I’m new!

    I definitely check that section!! :)
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    I’m new!

    Thank you everyone :D
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    Do you pray?

    i'm not super religious all though i do sometimes.
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    I’m new!

    thank you everyone! :D
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    Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

    Here in Australia we are opening back up again and I’m not sure how to feel about that one.
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    Disappointing UFO Video

    All I can say there’s so many UFO Videos that don’t make sense, the only explanation that UFOs are real!
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    Debate What would the afterlife be like?

    What does everyone think that the afterlife will be like? It’s an interesting thing that we are all going to face one day :D
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    Discord Server Shutdown

    I’m personally not a fan of Discord, the trolls probably come from the gaming community since there’s a lot of toxicity going on there from people I use to be friends with to myself having the same experience :( I like the new chat!
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    I’m new!

    Hey! I’m new and like this site amazing job! :) I’m looking forward to meeting everyone :D