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    Moving the chat to Discord?

    Discord, bring it on! (y):coffee:
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    HDR capacitor and caduceus coil

    You must keep us updated about this, it's a good direction to start heading into.
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    No folks the hdr isn’t real I can prove it.

    If you lack the experience to think more adventurously, then certainly the HDR is not a useful machine for you, and it will forever appear to be absolute nonsense. However everything exists for a divine reason, and the HDR doubly so.
  4. FarOutThere

    I just talked to an alleged time traveler.

    If he is a time traveler, does he have his own machine worth 375k?
  5. FarOutThere

    I want some members!

    Do you have a rough idea of the principles of the time machine you would like to create?
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    AI Art Thread

    Try here, it's free and immediate to get some credits. :D
  7. FarOutThere

    AI Art Thread

    Looking great... have you tried Stable Diffusion yet? It seems pretty good at faces.
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    The most famous paintings from the future

    They are all over the place, on many websites. is at and...
  9. FarOutThere

    The most famous paintings from the future

    Some o Why do you say they are from the future? Genuinely curious. I found some of them on other websites.
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    The Honest truth about time travel that some may not want to hear.

    The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is a valid interpretation, and it is possible to travel to these other universes with different histories, which is perhaps even more interesting than time travel on its own. I prefer the truth because not only is it the truth, it is much more fun.
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    Hello. I am Queen Lazira.

    Welcome! Please post some photos of your spaceships. Everyone here would be very curious to see them and to learn how they work.
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    TIME TRAVEL Discoveries - News Release VIDEO

    A respectable amount of work has gone into this. Thank you for sharing. Although I have some scepticism, I will investigate further. :geek: I am also in Australia.
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    Your Dalle2 Prompts

    the word strangled is probably blocked in dalle2, just trying it and failing may flag the account. :p
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    Your Dalle2 Prompts

    dalle2 - futuristic circuit boards in the year 3000, digital art It can take some experimentation to get the best images.
  15. FarOutThere

    Your Dalle2 Prompts

    They aren't working schematics of course, but it understands the concept. There are 6 images at the link.