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    Titor is doing fine.

    I said I wasn't going to come back here, but I am interested in what Titor has to say. He predicted regional areas would appear in the U.S. and sure enough they are here. and the governors are being called presidents. Not only that we are in a kind of civil war. And there's much more. I...
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    The John Titor Mystery is Solved

    Another regional eye opening moment: last night on Rachel Maddow's show. She started talking about how the governors are forming regional areas to deal with this coronavirus. I will post as soon as it is up on the MSNBC website. But God, people. I think it's time we stopped fighting amongst...
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    The John Titor Mystery is Solved

    So. HAS the John Titor story been debunked, or is it still on? I have an interesting observation over the last two days sitting this coronavirus thing out: Has anyone noticed as they watched the news reports on TV that the 5 sections of the United States are EMERGING? Really!!! and guess...
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    Hail & Welcome!

    Wow. haven't visited here for a LONG time! Nice to see this is still a viable website.
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    Absolutely. If he remained alive. Or even if the past Loki still wreaks his havoc he would use it for gain. Another Marvel movie is already in the works here at paranormalis.
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    Yeah. I saw them, too. So did my sister. And it's driving the fandom crazy discussing them. Especially the aging vs. not aging thing.
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    Hello everyone. I'm back tonight. Been out of touch for a long time. Just needed to ask, There's a lot of discussion on the time travel theory presented in Endgame by the Russo Brothers. Any thoughts out there on it? I won't say anymore in case some of you haven't seen the movie yet. Just...
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    About Ori

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    John Titor and an old Post

    What did I do to warrant this attack? I just asked for some help in finding a John Titor passage. And that's it. Thanks to the one who found it for me. To the other one. Happy Karma payback.
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    John Titor and an old Post

    Haven't been on for awhile. I was listening to the news and wanted to search Titor's prediction about a woman president. He was telling someone in a posting that she (possibly Hillary Clinton) just tried to keep her power base. But I wanted to see the original posting again to see if it reads...
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    Debate Letter Written in 2070 "Real or a Bad Hoax"

    This is a concept that the short-lived TV series Terra Nova was based on. THink it could be from someone's imagination.
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    Questions for John Titor

    Can you take me back to 1988?
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    Hi, I need help.

    No this country needs help and those who believe this man to be a moral, upstanding, decent, Christian man are also the ones who need help.
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    I believe in it. I just have to find the machine that will take me to where I want to go. P.S. There are several you tube videos out there that discuss time travel. Andrew Basiago's especially.