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    How did you find Paranormalis ?

    A guy Threw his clock out the window to see time travel. Another guy went around the city shooting at clocks and said he was killing time. Another guy tied a rocket to his clock and watched time fly. A women handed her clock to a woman standing next to her to just pass time...
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    I had a Mandela Effect about movie star Ving Rhames

    I actually Think Madella is Alive in Argentina with
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    I Found A Good Movie About Parallel Life

    This is a pretty decent movie about a Parallel life. I thought I'd share. Sliding Doors (1998) - IMDb
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    Magnets and the thrid eye

    Does an MRI have a High magnetic field??
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    I had a Mandela Effect about movie star Ving Rhames

    Well As it turned out I totally got the wrong guy any way, Plus I feel many topics on here cannot be proven right or wrong. So I find the unknown fascinating . If I'm wrong about something fine, If I'm right about some Fine. Either way I still have a life to live in the mean time lol. Congrats...
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    I had a Mandela Effect about movie star Ving Rhames

    HAHAHAHA, your not getting a rise out of me. Your always looking for a debate, but I do not debate. You seem like a MASS DEBATER:p(n);)o_0o_0o_0o_0o_0
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    I Figured Out A Way To Authenicate A Time Traveler

    LOL, Yeah but you need to understand the way I say things, I don't Included details, its usually just a thought that enters my head and I post it. lol:). Lets be honest pretty much everything that people post, we can actually Find a way that would never make it 100% true. There are too many...
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    I had a Mandela Effect about movie star Ving Rhames

    The way I see see It is what people think or don't think Is on them. I'm not really worried about what others believe because I am worried about what I believe and I can't waste my time trying to figure out what others are up to because I have my own life and don't have time to diagnose others...
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    Is Disclosure Coming Soon? Are We Being Prepped?

    I been noticing that lately, With the Cigar shaped object, ET life growing on the ISS, and now this. I probably missed others but I seen how public they been going and with the rumors I hear about "Disclosure to come in 2018", but you hear that all the time. I'm guessing they are conditioning...
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    Former Pentagon UFO official: 'We may not be alone'

    Disclosure seems to be coming soon. They never reveal things like this that are obviously UFO's. IMHO