Nak Sae Glim

So im new, just started as the new Nak Sae Glim. Kind of weird to explain but hey that's what this whole thing is about. The weird stuff, the stuff they don't teach us in schools.

I should explain that this account is run by a small sect of like minded men who seek to understand the occult and the hidden things of the world.

I think im the sixth guy to be in charge of the online portion? We are supposed to go out and communicate in different feilds of theory and just learn and share. Sometimes debating Gods sometimes tech, the last Nak "actually the guy we are named after" before me, was on reddit solving ghost problems and demon possessions because he was a priest before he joined. But that is why he is the boss, he brought all of us together and when we finally taught him how to use a computer he got to be the fifth person with his name. Hahaha pretty silly really. But He wanted a unified persona or something? Anyways I'm Mort, I like puzzles, and reading, and cant wait to dive into this site.

Im allowed to be far more open with this information because the last Nak Sae Glim who was in charge of this paranormal account went, a bit mad with power. Super weird guy from what ive read so far. Then the actual Nak, the priest one, found a link to this site when he took over, and there was an intervention, i mean the guy is pretty messed up still. Used to be a mathematician but started chasing the theory math was all flawed in some way because of the rotation of this universe is different from its original one? I dont pretend to understand it honestly..

Anyways there was a big dead zone between Nak's and they finally decided that its useless hiding under a rock. And that the new Nak "aka Me" would be given complete freedom and thats how im rolling.

So Hi everybody my name is Mort and im the new Nak Sae Glim.

..i imagine this is crazy level of complexity for a user name, so if you are curious about our group or about anything i write or that the previous Nak's hace written, feel free to message me. :)