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    Nazi Occult Documentary (Celle Neues Rathaus)

    Nazi Occult Documentary (Celle Neues Rathaus)
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    Italian train gets stuck in a time loop

    Time Travel Tunnel in Italy
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    Real Life Zombie Outbreak in Mississippi

    A real life zombie outbreak in Mississippi.
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    Atlanta Police Capture Creature Which Should Not Exist

    Atlanta police capture creature which should not exist.
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    Bohemian Grove Secrets Exposed

    Bohemian Grove secrets exposed.
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    The Real "No End House"

    All about the real "No End House".
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    Skinwalker Or Werewolf Kills 2 Boys In Arizona (WARNING: Graphic Content)

    Skinwalker or werewolf kills two boys in Arizona. (WARNING: This video contains graphic content.)
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    What do the Zimbabwe UFO Kids remember as Adults?

    The Zimbabwe Incident occurred a generation ago. More than 60 kids claimed to have met a matched pair of extraterrestrials, but the youngsters have since grown into adults. What are they saying today, about their close encounter on a primary school unsupervised playground?
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    World War A - What you must do when aliens attack

    What you must do when aliens attack.
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    War against the Dog-Heads

    Men wage war against the dog-heads.
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    Lucille Ball's Ghost Captured by a Horde of Paparazzi

    Lucille Ball's ghost is captured by a horde of paparazzi.
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    New York Teacher Injured as She Attempts Time Travel

    New York teacher injured as she attempts Time Travel.
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    Science fiction movie "They Live" is based on a true story!

    I'll never forget seeing They Live in the theaters with a few friends. Walking out of the theater they said that was the worst movie they had ever seen. I was blown away cause I loved it. Bought it on every format over the years. I wish it was made into a series on Showtime or HBO as it...
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    Man attacked by ET while bowhunting Bear

    I love these alien contact stories, though I find them very disturbing. What's even more disturbing is that the people involved, after experiencing the most terrifying thing in their lives, are afraid to talk about it to anyone, for fear of ridicule or even losing their jobs, like this man.
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    Weirdest Walt Disney Conspiracies of All Time

    weirdest Walt Disney Conspiracies of all time