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    Instructions on How to Use a Crystal for Time Travel

    Let's stay cool please. I agree that TF's idea about the handheld radio that helps you protect your time-lock is a little far-fetched, but let's have an open-mind here. We're talking about how to use a crystal to time travel, after all. Nothing worth getting all worked up about.
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    Hi family

    Welcome to the forum! We're happy to have you. :) Have fun!
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    Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 5000

    Reminds me of Waterworld.
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    Lab rat wannabe

    Hi, welcome to the forum! :) Happy to have you! Hope you have a good time discussing weird stuff with us!
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    Getting forum errors? (Confirmed)

    I made a mistake (and fixed it tonight) when I updated the HTACCESS file for HTTPS support 2 weeks ago, I think that's what caused the "too many redirects" error. I'm surprised it didn't pop up earlier, as it's been working for more than a week without any issues. That seems to have addressed...
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    Getting forum errors? (Confirmed)

    I've encountered this error several times this weekend. I re-enabled CloudFlare on the site, it gave it a nice performance boost. It should, at least, no longer happen as often. We'll see. If it persists, I might have to move the site to a bigger hosting plan, again. The root cause of this...
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    Welcome to the forum! :) Glad you decided to take part in the discussion. Have fun!
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    Anyone played Antimatter Dimensions yet?

    1st dimension galaxies generate antimatter, while all the other galaxies generate galaxies of N-1 dimensions. (2 produce 1, 3 produce 2, etc) In your case, you have 30x 4th dimension galaxies that generate 3rd dimension galaxies. But you don't have 5th dimension galaxies yet, that means no...
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Anyone played Antimatter Dimensions yet?

    I didn't have much time to play since last week. Sounds like you're ahead of me! :)
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    Hello everyone! New member.

    Welcome to Paranormalis! :)
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    Well, don't worry guys. One can always use his/her own thread as a personal journal to share ideas and content, just like this one.
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    Is Earth a Prison Planet?

    @Einstein I love your idea of a virus having telepathy as a symptom. Never thought of that.
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    Recrurent dream of clogged toilets

    LOL It goes away! It's only in the dream, thank God!
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    Recrurent dream of clogged toilets

    Disclaimer: This is not a joke or a hoax believe it or not. This has been happening for about half a year, every once in a while. Like, almost every week or so. Such a dream usually goes as follows. I feel the urgent need to use the restroom for a #2. So I go to the bathroom, then open the...