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    is time travel possible ?

    Personally I believe in theory it's possible but not in practice.
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    It truly is amazing what the jews have gone through. I don't think anyone can argue they weren't the most targeted group of people in history. Bring up a time period and you can find examples of jews being oppressed. And I don't mean that as a buzz word. There were times all throughout history...
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    Will America have a dictator?

    If you've been following the news lately, the election is still a hot topic. With all of the allegations of voter fraud and what not. All this does is show how divided our country is, and I'm not talking about the whole "Divided America" show you might see on television, I'm talking about a...
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    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Thanks for all the great wishes guys!
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    Happy Anniversary!!!

    So today marks my 3 year anniversary of being on Paranormalis, it's been an honor!! And as always I bought a cupcake
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    Just found out that I am technically a millennial. Odd.
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    Hmm already failed

    Hmm already failed
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    Debate 911 was 17 years ago

    I will never forget that day. I still remember that on September 5th, 2001, I went to the city, and I remember looking up at the towers and taking a picture of them. When I saw on TV that the towers were hit I was shocked, and when they fell, I got really confused. I still remember writing down...
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    Only 1 month until my 3 year anniversary, I can't believe it's been that long. I'm gonna try to...

    Only 1 month until my 3 year anniversary, I can't believe it's been that long. I'm gonna try to stay active AGAIN, but we'll see how it turns out, I would say "I've been busy" but being totally honest that's not true at all so... really no excuse
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    Happy Birthday to me!

    Just wanted to wish myself a happy birthday. I'm officially 33 now, I was born on July 15, 1985 at 8:16 a.m. Happy birthday me(y):giggle::coffee::cool:
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    It's my birthday!

    It's my birthday!
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    Ufo pic

    I don't think anybody's arguing it was a bad thing to be fair
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    Men in Black Caught on Tape (Real Footage)

    I once stumbled upon a video for them before seeing the channel, however, after the video I went to the channel and saw there 100s of videos of "time travelers" I instantly new it was bs