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    I'm a Time Traveler

    i see tell us the future event what will happen in the year of 2028 or 2030? is UFO discloses or time travel come out to the public view? write back.
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    good i hope you like this website.

    good i hope you like this website.
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    Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 5000

    maybe some of them maybe it all fake but have you wonder if the Secret Gov have the tech stuff and they kidnap people from all over the world like those Grey alien and other races of alien i have encounter them the Grey alien they are real!! lucky i did not get kidnap or from the MIB people...
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    illuminati website

    timeflipper a fool don't think about joining in because it don't have noting to do Chrisitan..once it a full new world order then it will destroy the belief system you have and then you will be either get kill or save by the illumnati.
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    illuminati website

    you lack informtion buddy The New World Order based on devil idea of having the poor get poorer and the rich get richer..and it a devil world we don't belong to the Nwo they will kill you if you don't join in it going to get rid of any belief system you have. and then what are you going to do...
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    illuminati website

    Our Globalist Agenda: The Next Stage Of The Illuminati’s New World Order | Illuminati Official Website i hope that this does not happen the NWO new world order.
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    ebay time machine

    Time Travel Machine (STM) Space Time Modulator- by Steven L. Gibbs + | eBay have anybody try this one yet.
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    where is Doctorz at?

    where is Doctorz at?
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    Death Omens,not That Anyone Pays Attention To Them Or Do They?

    stop pissing people off it not nice and be nice you have a evil spirit with psychic gift psyhcic gift come from devil.
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    Death Omens,not That Anyone Pays Attention To Them Or Do They?

    leave no. you need Jesus Christ as a lord and Lord and king and king you don't understand stuff what i been trying to tell you so now i know that you like to piss people off it not nice.... all i ask for your help with a psychic gift but you don't want to..go back to your bike and start dreaming.
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    Time to Build It

    i hope this is not a trick from some one who is a spy or someone we don't know like a black op lol anyway peace to everyone of you
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    Time to Build It

    now DoctorZ is in the paranormal world. where strange people offer money i hope this is not the Men in peace to u buddy.
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    Topic: Everything connected

    told the truth here obey god will and speak the truth..anyway i have a different Psychic said that i will be taken by some kind of Gov fault or have a Nanobot install me if i do have Nanobot install me what can i do in the future time that Nanobot install me in the future.write back do you see...
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    I am possessed because of witchcraft & can't get delivered

    i will pray for you for peace and happy but i know because have the demon attack on me my mind is mental illness now but found out that i have this pill to take everyday to balance it out i have a chemail imbalace but maybe you have the same thing all you have to do is believe the word of god...
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    My Jesus Experience

    tell me can you help me out? do you see me as a time traveler or not? do you see me become a whole new person like i get to go home heaven and rest and have a new body and new mind all heal? write back also i just wonder is there a Good ET or BAD ET i have see Bad ET before luckley they did not...