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    Media Favorite Time Travel Movies

    and don't forget Voyagers! tv series
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    Schematics Hyper-Dimensional Resonator

    ok know this you can Astral Projection by brainwave sound or not without the HDR unit so if the HDR unit does the Astral Projection then good for you but try to do Astral projection and also tell me why does this Entities push people back if you have fear inside of you or something like fear. so...
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    Dark Mirrors and my replication

    how do you know.....have you met angelic beings? are they evil or good? are they God Creation or Aliens? write back thank you
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    Dark Mirrors and my replication

    praise to Jesus Christ for protection and that you don't be get posses by Demons...anyway let us know what is going on with your experiment so don't use the ojia board that open the portal of dark so write back and good luck.
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    secret code

    he just believe in God but you have to believe in Jesus Christ the son of God he came from heaven and God almighty but Doctorz need to be born again.
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    I'm walking with ghosts

    why are you not answer my email? what are you afraid of?
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    Celebrity Death

    Tell me is Selena Perez a latin woman who dies at the age of 23 did she fake her death or still alive write back thank you and why did she have to die.
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    How to open a dimensional gate and see aliens book

    the hotmail i send it to you but no respond. so now you need to fix it from from your own you
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    Chat message

    oh no no the bully i hope you ok tron1
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    Chat message

    i see
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    If you can find this property

    better be careful Tron1 there is many differnet alien type being. some of them is bad and some of them is good.
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    i hope you like it.
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    How to open a dimensional gate and see aliens book

    forget you Steven you never respond my message from you i message you about the HDR unit so you forget too so get lost.
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    Do you have Some report named Quantum Time Travel?

    hey did you do out of body time travel? write back