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    i finally figure it out, it was right there all along

    I responded to a Zeshua in 2014. She responded to my email this past winter. I lost a girlfriend in 2009 to suicide. Zeshua invited me a few months ago to send a warning to my girlfriend in 2009. She said the email went thru but did not have any effect on her death. I was wondering if anyone...
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    i finally figure it out, it was right there all along

    Regarding time travel can an electronic signal travel thru time back or future? It’s non material, just electronic. Such as sending an email from today to last week or to next week?
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    Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

    Catholics used Holy Water. America uses Holly Wood. It’s two words. Space is a mystery so measure it precisely.
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    Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

    I don’t like movies much. But if you watch “The Nines” movie on internet it’s a strange theory to consider.
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    i finally figure it out, it was right there all along

    Looking at your avatar DoctorZ look at “The Phoenix” series on YouTube from 1981. His necklace is similar. Entertainment can inspire you with hidden knowledge. Start with the pilot episode. Assume nothing is imagined and defend that thought.
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    Hey John did you...

    John Titor 2036 at TTI created May 13 after leaving new message on TTI as a glitch. I’m Sergius there too. You can see my journey with John.
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    Hey John did you... Late 70’s. You could have told them the future of it. Then capitalize on it in 1998 or 2000. Just curious. The groups have switched to forums now as you know.
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    Hey John did you...

    Create the internet newsgroups when you came back? There’s a lot of stuff there a time traveler would know and profit from before the Internet took off.
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    Similar style used in Pacific Rim movie. Perhaps an upcoming version of Apple Glass sunglasses in 2022. Being tested now.
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    In his hands?

    In the black and white is John holding a Camera? Maybe a Minolta? :) From the Mind of Minolta. Such a catchy slogan back in the day.
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    Enochian Tables?

    I stumbled on them last year and it lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw it. Metaphorically. Historically Dee and his partner were approached a few hundred years ago. But are their earlier attempts that were not as successful? Thank you.
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    Was Jesus aware of being Yahweh?

    Time : speculation is that time is not continuous, but quantized. Existence can change between one quantum state and another without having to pass through supposed intermediate states. If every moment is a newly created quantized state in the mind of God, then in the blink of a thought He can...
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    Hello Zeshua...

    Time capsule. Sure. But a light capsule? Is that the shell of a photon with the ability to contain other content within it. “He wraps himself in light.” If you were going to travel from point A to point B wrapped in light then someone else needs to finish that conceptual statement.
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    Hello Zeshua...

    I don’t either. I mean paranormal manifestation is so fake. She said I could send one to 2009. I called her out so she replied.