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  1. SergiusPaulus

    Quantum Topics?

    Hi I’m seeing regular articles online about the progress of quantum technology. Can we maybe get a topic heading of Quantum Related threads? They may currently be mixed in with other threads in various sections.
  2. SergiusPaulus

    Numerology Date

    June 6, 2022 was sixth month sixth day and 2 0 2 2 adds up to 6. So you have a recurring 6. That number is probably only significant in biblical texts. The last time 666 fell on a date was June 6 2013. On that day CNN broadcast the story of Edward Snowden. Nothing significant happened yesterday...
  3. SergiusPaulus

    Quantum communication.

    What is a propellant? It’s a substance that can propel something. What is the propellant of a substance that disappears in one place and appears else where, teleportation? Quantum teleportation is in various articles online. In some cases faster than light suggested. An article on quantum...
  4. SergiusPaulus

    Please if time travel is real, please save my innocent babies life. Please before September 13th 2019. Pleaaseeee

    Time machine tech? How about communication technology? Some of us are familiar with Zeshua. I guess she wasn’t real. But she did spark an interest in comms. When she emailed me she said she was in 2027. Like HelpMe I asked Zeshua if she could save my girlfriend who died in 2009. She claimed to...
  5. SergiusPaulus

    Type of light?

    In this video they create light by drilling into large quartz pieces.
  6. SergiusPaulus

    Type of light?

    Tumbled quartz not turned.
  7. SergiusPaulus

    Type of light?

    I was thinking of two small motors spinning an axle with the quartz attached. Two pieces being rubbed together rather fast. Probably no application for it but if you could rub them continuously for a length of time a researcher could observe it for a longer period of time. Maybe use research...
  8. SergiusPaulus

    Type of light?

    A YouTube video about it. Hmm. Neat.
  9. SergiusPaulus

    Type of light?

    “Some other minerals, such as quartz, are triboluminescent, emitting light when rubbed together”? From wiki. Triboluminescence - Wikipedia I was reading about crystals and found this about quartz. Has anyone seen a quartz emit light? Do we have quartz light bulbs?
  10. SergiusPaulus

    Philadelphia and Montauk spin offs?

    Sorry. Conspiracy probably was not the word I was looking for. I used that word probably because of the section heading. Maybe a cover up is more accurate. I want to believe these stories happened. Perhaps there is enough evidence out there to say it did happen. I believe we really landed on the...
  11. SergiusPaulus

    I need links to magick and occultism sites on the deep web

    There are books on Enochian Magic. I guess thats a different form of magic. Supposedly its a way to summon angels I believe. If you can summon an angel it may tell you secrets. Im kinda into angels. I have had one or two NDEs that are hard to explain surviving. Plus I am a war veteran so...
  12. SergiusPaulus

    A Library of media?

    Not sure what it would look like, but maybe have a forum section dedicated to Movies, Youtube videos, and Books. Not sure if it would be beneficial having them in one place or scattered among the various forums. In the forums mentioning a movie, video or book is embedded in a thread. But a...
  13. SergiusPaulus

    Can religion or metaphysics help answer questions?

    On the topic of religion Angels are a part of it. They are sometimes called messengers. There are books about angels and communicating with them. I wonder what inspires the original authors of a scientific thought. Is all science based on past information? A scientist in one country or location...
  14. SergiusPaulus

    Philadelphia and Montauk spin offs?

    Sure. I understand. It was just a vague observation on defining the two. I enjoy researching the unknown. I think we each have our own history that can shed light on information shared. One persons fiction or conspiracy is another persons fact.
  15. SergiusPaulus

    Philadelphia and Montauk spin offs?

    Thank you. On a side note, what is the difference between conspiracy and fiction? They both seem to be INSPIRED by ideas or facts or imagination. But sometimes future reality becomes true due to some of these inspirations. I guess conspiracy is based on assumed facts. But even some fiction may...