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    Welcome All, from 2026

    and he/she was right...COVID. scratches head
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    What do you think will happen in the near and far out future?

    That was extremely insightful and reminds me of some of “chaoss” past remote viewing. Thank,you for your insights!!
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    Have you time traveled?

    I have..but in dreams. You can read about it here, posted mine a few years ago
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    Is there any current confirmed TIME TRAVELERS ON HERE NOW???

    it all comes down to whether you’re willing to have an open mind rather than just being a skeptic I think. The factual proof could be right in front of us and of course we are STILL going to have doubters no matter what. But I think I know who you’re talking about...his handle is “chaoss” or...
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    Is there any current confirmed TIME TRAVELERS ON HERE NOW???

    ‘I’m willing to bet he wants to stay low on the radar so I’ll keep his name anonymous..but he posted quite a bit towards the middle of this post. There you’ll see where he passed Einstein’s test ;-)
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    No time travellers here

    Sure thing. It’s towards the middle where he passed Einstein’s test. The guy who did you can tell he’s extremely intelligent...even though he jokes around a good bit to help him blend in and take the focus off him. Personally...if I was a real time traveler...the way he handled himself looks...
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    No time travellers here

    Yessir...go back on that long thread you commented on a little while ago and towards the middle of it Einstein asks a question to prove his validity.
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    No time travellers here

    Exactly! Einstein confirmed a real time traveler on here already. Since then, that guy has stayed under the radar. I remember his name on here but out of respect I won’t mention it.
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    There are no Time Travellers here.

    Not true, I remember when Einstein confirmed one legit time traveler on here ;0)
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    Re: Im the real deal

    This is true ! They literally said on the news aliens exist and people don’t even give a shit lol
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    Debate Should we change events if we have the abilty to time travel?

    Absolutely not , god has a plan for each and everyone one of us and things and events were meant to happen and unfold the way they were meant to for a reason...whether for good or bad, but ultimately for good. We live each and every life on earth as a soul to learn and grow our souls, and...
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    I'm a Time Traveler But Nobody Believes Me

    You can’t prove without a doubt you’re a time traveler . Sounds fake to me .
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    My possible Atlantean Dream of the past

    Had an extremely vivid dream the other night ( i have these from the future and distant past on rare occasion) where I was in a flying machine with clear glass windows on both sides ...accompanied by my dog, top and bottom clear glass or a similarly material but probably more durable ...where i...
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    Phil Schneider - Alien Agenda

    ‍♂️ ‍♂️ . 110% with everything you just said. What i feel is conspiracy is the fact that ancient history wise, in schools they pick and choose what they want us to learn to fit their agenda. Same with the news.