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    Tesla Coil Time Dilation Machine

    this may help time verses voltage this is a round amp i built one from a rough schematic in a time travel book professor opumur once emailed me it was said to be a white light amp to so i redrew it and used it in a new untested space time modulator heres this one which is similar to the one i...
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    Any schematics for a circuit on communicating with the dead?

    try the 2 mobile phone experiment seen a youtube video of a man he rang his wifes mobile and answered it and sat it next to his own phone and you can hear spirit voices come through it
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    Weird Experience

    try it again next time this time get a second mobile phone and ring it with your mobile phone then when it rings answer it then place them both side by side and listen to what comes through , ive seen a youtube video of a man doing this he rang his wifes mobile phone then answered it and sat it...
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    Weird Experience

    no not me rarely drink only jim beam and coke
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    Weird Experience

    black mass hm ive seen 2 in broad daylight once and i walked to where they was heading and they vanished in the same spot ive once seen a doorway open and bright green reality through it they was 2 black masses looked a bit like dark shadowy balls or they may be what some call the watchers
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    Alive by science nmn and nam

    what is nmn do they have to use initials so much
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    The Alleged CAPTRET circuit

    look at the joule thief circuits they can suck the last bit of power from dead batteries to power anything , they have some good uses and may guide you
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    The Alleged CAPTRET circuit

    yes ive built some of them captret circuits and i used some battery compartment springs to the outside of the capacitors to when i made some captrets , i even experimented using an electrolytic capacitor with the metal can end pried open and used the whole electrolytic capacitor as electrodes...
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    Dark Mirrors and my replication

    you'll need to watch all the reincarnation documentaries and open up to them and take notice as some will be like others
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    Hi I’m Jenette

    welcome to the forum i have a friend in france his name is dave dede
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    Dark Mirrors and my replication

    if you seen the scole experiment they placed a video camera between 2 mirrors and phocused it on its own view finder and captured video footage of a bright alien with dark eyes and even spirits
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    Wormhole construction

    well then add an improved corrected one then this could be made on a small scale as for the gas you used well why use that gas it wont quench electrical arcs, Sulfur hexafluoride dose that , if i remember it ok
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    Wormhole construction

    the f=1/t in one of the pictures ive uploaded was mentioned and thats the same equation given to george van tassel by the aliens who he met through abductions and he asked the secret of time travel and they gave him that so whoever must of built it says it works may of tested it or known...
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    The god device up for grab

    dr z i reckon if all those testimonials that warren p has on his channel for the wishing machines he makes and sells in the usa are that good i reckon you could use one to manifest your project dreams , and even money to get your projects built to.