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    Are you interested in cooperating with me in making chronovisor machines, the condition is that you have to be open-minded
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    Media Favorite Time Travel Movies

    ancient relic is a good time travel movie to its 3 hours long and very well made
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    Eerie Lights in Russia

    where did that sound come from , with the bright flashing light and sound the first thing that came to my mind was a plasma speaker but on a larger scale as for the audio sound if its coming from the same source of white flash then something's odd
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    2021 Predictions

    speaking of the big cartels and drug companies if they are humen they to die like others and grow old so whos really runing the countries now i think its a a secret alien run government within the government within the government ,
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    Something huge is coming to California

    a big section of california was predicted to break away so lets see if it happens
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    Interview with Reptilian female Lacerta

    theres a link in the paranormalis to the scrpt of the reptilian interview ive seen it and read it and it was interesting and confirms some of what was said in the roswell interview by matilda mac nroy if ive got he name right as for the other one seen that to , i find it a bit hard to swallow...
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    Schematics Time Travel Unit 12/14/85

    it dosent affend me its so comon people arsking for proof but it can be pointlless anyhow
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    Schematics Time Travel Unit 12/14/85

    if someone came up with proof would it be expectable and and if you wasent convinced stand in line with the disinformation types they all twist it around and make some excuse to disprove it so everyone has different tastes and acceptability's these days what many thing may be proof is still...
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    Schematics Time Travel Unit 12/14/85

    but good reading and strait from the horses mouth is just as good as a YouTube upload which many may be cautious about doing so is just as reliable . to many people who have proved various things have been knocked of by the biggies who try to cover it up . so proving it can be dangerous to...
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    alright guys im looking for some cool alien movies/shows/documentary

    alien addiction is a funny kiwi movie and australiens to which is an Australian alien funny movie
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    Schematics Time Travel Unit 12/14/85

    time travel reports contain testimonials from people who have had luck and time traveled with the hdr cant get any better than that as for proof what good would proof be for you , you cant use it anymore than the written testimonials from those who have had luck in time travel , sometimes those...
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    Schematics Time Travel Unit 12/14/85

    read the steven gibbs time travel reports and den rads hdr blogs he is a member here his hdr blogs are brilliant den rad is the scare crow
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    Schematics Time Travel Unit 12/14/85

    i did my block with him some time ago so im not talking to him anymore due to his demanding rudeness emails he sent so all is well i may latter on build a smaller version but it may take time as ordering different magnets on e bay can be slow and i have to try find a australian seller not...
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    Schematics Time Travel Unit 12/14/85

    i dident like the emails sent to me demanding me to build this again in such a hurry so he can go on a ufo hunting expedition with someone at short notice when it takes time to build it and getting magnets for it which have been banned in some states or all so i dont want to do a rush job...