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    HDR Is A Scam?

    I can vouch for Steven Gibbs because I know it works. I was getting unwanted attention. Sorry I have not been on here. I applied for jobs over 16.50 an hour and have one lined up. Yeah I would get a new unit from Steve in a heart beat. I almost out of my parents house looking at a 1 bedroom...
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    Sports future betting

    Ah but if it ever comes out wouldntthey just let someone else do their betting for them if they know what they are doing?
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    Sports future betting

    I've been noticing sports games are getting rigged because people are losing money then getting it back break even. Others are not so lucky. I've seen stuff developed in the future. Betting was legalized. It was popular so they legalized it. XFL NFL and CFL made spots in the stadium to bet. NBA...
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    2021 Predictions

    Hdrkid you intend to the wrong crowd but but seem to be Iignored. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.
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    2021 Predictions

    After what I saw today. The world is in deep trouble if we keep staying with the covid 19. Move on. People leave and people stay. Let's move on from the mask mandate. Get on with our lives.
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    If anybody has any HDR's like too many? I'd pay someone for one.

    I threw mine out. It's like having a kid.
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    TimeMan's adventure

    If you say you are a time traveler but are only just picking up its logic to why your here , then you will not be one at all. I can help but I got a price. I get so many people asking me to help then with their project I decline them.
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    W.T.F how come I'm here?

    It was Star lite this post is done.
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    Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?

    I don't normally type around this subject but I believe you make your own life before you are born. Whether good or bad. They all are pre determined as well. Having an HDR Unit or two for 3 years. You can go to unimaginable places. I've had some jumps where I was in a hellish region. I don't...
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    W.T.F how come I'm here?

    Do not reply to this post. Someone meaning either time flipper judging by his sloppy tea biscuits or its that other idiot there that almost got me. I'm not that stupid. So do not reply to this post. Your an idiot if you do.
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    W.T.F how come I'm here?

    Someone is jealous hahaha. I threw my HDR out cause it was way too much to handle. People were trying to steal it. I don't know who this crackpot it but sure is funny. Made me laugh. Oh not a fraud. Buy one.
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    Does an electric field or a magnetic field have mass

    Yeah next thing you should look up war chemicals. Neutron Particles that wipe us out. Wearing mask is a test. Coronavirus was made from this. The real covid 19.
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    a post for num to read

    I believe timeflipper has neglected a member and sabotaged a member to do things they don't want to do.
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    Does an electric field or a magnetic field have mass

    You do not need mass to time travel. It's in the credentials but you do not need any mass at all. That I can prove. Very simple that's why batteries were Invented.
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    Ten Years

    Hide!!!!! But no we should be fine. Man has a way to keep their future in tact. One way or another. In 10 years I might not be around. I've had these dreams of being an outsider to my home. My mom and Dad won't be around much longer. If this is true I definitely won't make 10 years on this...