1. Antinventor2020

    Overunity Circuits/Free Energy Circuits

    Greetings. I'm just gonna get straight to the point. I'm on what seems to be a never-ending quest for clean, alternative energy sources. This quest has lead me to the patents of Nikola Tesla's "Radiant Energy", it has lead me to Thomas E Bearden, and to others I cannot recall off the top of my...
  2. Antinventor2020

    The Alleged CAPTRET circuit

    Im an individual seeking methods of obtaining more efficient batteries and new sources of clean energy. I heard of this CAPTRET circuit, and as I wait doing tests, I wonder if any of you heard of it
  3. Antinventor2020

    Time Dilation Circuits

    Any circuits out there that slow down or speed up time and can be measured with watches? Thanks
  4. Antinventor2020

    Any schematics for a circuit on communicating with the dead?

    I heard Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla worked separately on ghost communication devices. I was wondering if anyone had a device to hear words from ghosts or other supernatural beings. I've attempted to make a Trans-Dimensional Communicator, but with no results. Any circuit ideas or apparatuses...