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    Time traveler from the year 2028

    Who will win the world cup of soccer in 2018? And who are the semi finalists? Just tell everything you know.
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    Hi. I stuck in the year 2018.

    That sounds like satire. But that seems to be provable. Where are these stadiums? The Nazis ruled for circa 12 years. They didnt build much buildings. What will happen if I go there without being a time traveler? What did they change? I heard from someone else that the Nationalsocialists are...
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    Was that all they said? It is not your time? Can you say who they are? Or is that forbidden?
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    Interesting. I read on the site of Corey Goode and my opinion is the same on that subject that the benevolent aliens had contacted humans in the past and it was a failure because they had had some kind of the messiah complex. I am thinking they considered it a failure because they felt...
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    Stilling the Mind_ POLL

    I know this type of meditation but I am not good at it and I am a little bit worried that it takes my inspiration away, so I am not practicing it. I voted for 1-2 mins or less. I heard that women are better at it than men.
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    Interesting but I dont meant those spirits. These bad and good groups are there, too. But these earth spirits were created together with the earth and those spirits are omnipresent as it was said to me. Every planet in our solar system has those spirits that belong to those planets even the...
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    Where are the latest UFOs?

    Thank you for your story. I think it is not easy to talk about those things. The people being ridiculed that have contact with them. And it works. The best information about aliens I had with Pm contacts (not in this forum). But it is not the sense of a forum to talk only through Pm. One person...
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    What I am thinking about is this: I dont know whether it is the best or a good solution. Do you know earth spirits or earth representatives? I dont know how it is called in the US. I am speaking the spirits of magical evocation from Bardon. I heard from a magician that a lot of secret societies...
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    Mein Kampf. Adolf Hilter

    I did not know the part with Eckart. There are a lot of claims what literature Hitler read. But I dont really like negative forms of magic so i am not into it also I would understand the language. And I am thinking Hilter did mostly negative magic. I know a little bit about that societies...
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    As you know, I am thinking there is nothing in the future that cannot be changed. Otherwise free will would not exist. maybe the people just have to rediscover the old teachings of the ascended masters to reach enlightenment and true spirituality. There has to be someting because, as you...
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    That part I do not understand. Do you want to send light to those countries in a magical matter or what?
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    Mein Kampf. Adolf Hilter

    I have not read the whole book but I agree that it is important to know the guy. But the occult stuff he was interested in is not in the book. I am also thinking he was paranoid because of that. He read Blavatsky´s books for example and parts of her books were underlined. I am thinking these...
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    Book suggestions

    For magic training : Franz Bardon´s books (all available for free on the internet). Or you are just trying to love unconditionally as a practice, that is the best beginning in positive magic, in my opinion. Inspirational books are the new testament for example.
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    Some of my books.

    I also read the Latin Dictionary :) . Very good book :LOL:. But I am thinking it is a different version. Can you recommend any books that are better than the others? What are the best books in your opinion? That are too much books.
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    Bruno Borges, missing and mysterious!

    Did you read his books or do you know somebody who read them?