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    Any leftists/socialists/communists here?

    Conservative gun owners attacking survivors of school shootings?? Sounds like either fake news or hardcore leftists pretending to be conservatives to me. What do you say, @Einstein? And can you pull up sources of information that could negate these reports? There's that saying that goes...
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    Hallo everyone!

    @Maniacal Mary - Welcome to Paranormalis! I hear you like to play video games. What do you think of classic consoles such as the NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, SMS, and Sega Genesis, and handheld consoles such as Game Boy and Game Gear? Those 7 consoles are my favorites.
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    Self Driving Uber Car Kills Woman

    @Iochd - Take it easy. Einstein is merely stating his opinion. Who knows what actually happened? (rhetorical question) And besides, even if it wasn't suicide, it may be that the pedestrian was careless, and therefore Einstein has no sympathy. Now, can we please get back on topic?
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    Schematics Delta Time Generator

    @The_Sound_Of_Progress - He is in Derby, England. It says so in his profile.
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    Time Travel Institute Is Closed

    @TimeFlipper - Yes, he has. Take my word for it, he let me know himself.
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    The Manslater

    Is this real?
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    About This Week's Downtimes

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    About This Week's Downtimes

    These people who try so hard to bring down this site are such low-lives, aren't they?
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    Prof Stephen Hawking

    Or maybe, it's because the time travelers arrived to Hawking's party in a different timeline than our own. And assuming you could go back in time to Hawking's party in your own timeline, wouldn't it create some sort of paradox? By the way, R.I.P Stephen Hawking (1942-2018). :(
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    Contacting Aliens to Time Travel

    @lamdo263 - You may have heard of the following expression: Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear. This should not be taken 100% literally all the time, but I think it can be applied at least somewhat to the notion of "time cops". Personally, I don't believe in the current...
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    Contacting Aliens to Time Travel

    I have answered your request to the best of my ability here:
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    Into the past

    @Scorpio_Rose & @ROBST3R - I haven't made contact with aliens yet, but I merely speculate on how to do so. My best advice to attract aliens is to play some great, pure music that is universal (I'd recommend classical music, Gregorian chants, and meditation music). Keep trying, and you should...
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    Anyone played Antimatter Dimensions yet?

    I haven't played it in a while due to being busy with other projects, unfortunately. I'll come back to it sooner or later.
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    Ravinder from india

    Welcome to Paranormalis Ravinder! :)
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    Into the past

    @Jurij - Aliens may have the answers you need, but if you're not interested in them, good luck finding someone in the U. S. government who is willing to give away time travel secrets, or inventing a form of time travel yourself. But in any event, unless you've got a master plan to change a lot...