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    2021 Predictions

    What the hell happened to you?? Did you forget that Donald Trump has done a lot of good for this country: lowered taxes, rebuilt the economy, brought manufacturing jobs back, etc.? What sources are you getting misinformation from, CNN, the New York Times, NBC, MSNBC?? All of these are...
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    Hello fellow paranormal enthusiasts

    @Ganondork07 - Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Interesting new avatar! What is it this time?

    Interesting new avatar! What is it this time?
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    We Have A New Moderator: PoisonApple!

    Congrats @PoisonApple! :):)
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    The Wrong Avatar...

    @Bones McCoy - Welcome to the site! Do you want another avatar? I might be able to replace the one you have now. Want me to try?
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    my future predictions.

    Why not much, much sooner than 2070 for space exploration? How about the 2040s or 30s, if not, a bit sooner? Also, I believe that there are a lot of politicians around the world who should be arrested and jailed and/or executed for their crimes against humanity, if they haven't been already...
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    What do you think aliens are?

    I agree with you guys. I think that these ETs are a combination of a lot of species.
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    Are there a finite number of universes or an infinite number?

    I'd say that there is definitely far more than one universe, so I was thinking infinite universes is my best answer here.
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    @librisest - Welcome to the site! :)
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    Hi New Witch On Here

    @WitchyCrow13666 - Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Forum Game The Random Thread

    I've got a better idea for a cheeseburger: how about American-cheese-flavored soda instead of Nacho Cheese Dorito? And for a side, do a French fry thing with French-fries-flavored soda and salt-flavored soda along with the ketchup soda. And for dessert, vanilla-ice-cream-flavored soda and...
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    DNA test reveals "Other Wordly Beings".

    @Harte - Oh come on now! Don't try to spoil the fun for those who believe, because we don't believe it's bullshit at all. :)
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    Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

    What are you talking about? No one can force us to take that vaccine.
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    Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

    I agree with you on not trusting the vaccine. What is wrong with these people? Are they sheeple?
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    Why time travellers aren't talking here

    NP is temporarily banned once again, so you can all go back to your normal business as usual.