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    Hi I’m Jenette

    @Jenette - Welcome to the site! :) What interests drew you here?
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    Hi Everyone

    @Thunderbird - Welcome to the site! :)
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    Hello there

    @MingFlow - Welcome to the site! What interests of yours brought you here?
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    @bong santos - Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Hello people of Paranormalis

    @Clovis - Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Celebrity Death

    How did you come up with that one out of the blue? Have you heard he's ill with something?
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    New member

    Welcome to the site! :)
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    Vote Biden... or Else

    @Witch Hunt - I'm not aware of the feature you described on this site, and I doubt it exists right now, but you could talk to Num about it and/or request such a feature to him.
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    USA Presidential debates 2020

    @Inferno - That's understandable, but you've got to remember the following: Many presidents who ran for reelection did not have very good first debates, including Reagan and Obama. The debate's moderator Chris Wallace is a Democrat, and is very biased to the left. Thus both he and Biden were...
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    Vote Biden... or Else

    As long as you have him on ignore, there's no need for you to worry. And unless Walt breaks the rules, I don't feel any need to prevent him from posting in threads you created. So unfortunately, unless @Num7 can come up with some way to help you, I'm afraid there's no stopping Walt from posting...
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    Vote Biden... or Else

    @Witch Hunt - I shall remind you that Walt is allowed his freedom of speech here as long as he doesn't use it abusively, or in a manner that is against our rules. Also, in fact, I think you're overreacting and acting hostile. Now, please just chill. ;)
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    Possible USA Election Timeline

    @PoisonApple - OK, I see.
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    Had Emergency Surgery 2 Weeks Ago

    @Num7 - I'm sorry to hear that you've gone through a lot of pain and suffering! May you fully recover!
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    Possible USA Election Timeline

    Do you think this kind of scenario could happen exactly like in the original post? I tend to doubt it. Plus, the President is not going to let the Democrats get away with massive voter fraud. And if God forbid something like that does happen, there will be another civil war in this country, and...
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    @Faraday - Welcome to the forum! :)