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    My new avatar

    And I like it too! :)
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    Nice avatar! Never seen that one before!

    Nice avatar! Never seen that one before!
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    Hello, nice to meet you!

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    Greetings all

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    Please help!

    Hmm... So what you're saying here is, I won't be changing the past all by myself, but with help from a third party? (ETs perhaps?) That would kinda make sense, actually, because there's a broad range of stuff in the past that I'd like to see changed.
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    Please help!

    OK, I thought so. :)
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    Please help!

    I'm a little bit confused TF. When you say no one on Paranormalis will ever be capable of changing the past, that only means that the original timeline's past will never be changed by a Paranormalis member, does it not? :unsure:
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    Please help!

    I think most of that is true, but there are two sentences I'm on the fence with. Some things are meant to be, but not all. And for some things, there is no rhyme or reason. I'm a little confused by what you're trying to say there. So does that mean every change in recorded history must result...
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    Interview Who am I?

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    Please help!

    @Sikozu - Believe it or not, we come across this situation a lot, especially from new members. My best advice for you is, don't take the easy way out. Contact ETs (aliens) if you're not afraid of them, and they might be able to help you. If you are afraid of ETs, do your own research. Just...
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    @Radionics enthusiasm - Welcome to the forum! Evidently you're interested in radionics. Are you also interested in aliens and time travel?
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    @AnaVan321 - Hello and welcome to Paranormalis! What are your out-of-the-box interests, or those related to this site?