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    Good for you! And welcome to the site! :)

    Good for you! And welcome to the site! :)
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    Types of UFOs

    @Novram - Thank you for your reply! :) I'm a bit on the fence about the Grays. I've been leaning toward them being a good/friendly race of ETs, but you never know... Anyway, thanks for the advice! Maybe I'll stay in the car I'm riding in until a UFO comes up blatantly close, unless you have...
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    @Lboogie - Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Types of UFOs

    @steven chiverton - Thank you for your replies. I got to be honest that your writing style is a bit hard for me to follow (no offense intended), but I was able to skim through your posts, and the content I was able to pick up in them was very interesting and thought-provoking indeed. :)
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    Types of UFOs

    @Num7 - Yes, that's definitely quite possible! I'm not counting that out!
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    Types of UFOs

    Since there are likely numerous different species of ETs visiting planet Earth, I'd assume there are also numerous types/shapes of UFOs (AKA flying saucers), each type being characteristic of a specific ET species. Right now, I'm aware of two basic types of UFOs: the iconic disc-shaped ones, and...
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    Happy Birthday Jedi963

    @Jedi963 - Enjoy your birthday! :)
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    Happy Birthday @Witch Hunt

    @Witch Hunt - Happy pre-birthday! :) (It's still February 11th where I live, and your profile says your birthday is the 12th)
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum! Those interests you mentioned (time travel, UFOs, and aliens) are my top paranormal interests, to be exact. :)
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    @Jedi963 - Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Hello Patrons

    @Francis Stein - Oh, OK.
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    Hello Patrons

    @Francis Stein - Welcome to the site! :) What brings you here, aliens? UFOs? Time travel?
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    2021 Predictions

    Well what's gonna happen if we unite behind Biden, someone we suspect to be an illegitimate president, and that person gets in? I'd bet Communist China surpasses us as the #1 superpower, the U.S. Constitution is abolished, and we lose all our fundamental liberties and freedoms and yield our...
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    2021 Predictions

    Let me put it to you this way: if I ever found out I was wrong, seeing undeniable proof of it, I'd be completely stunned! If and until that happens, I choose not to believe you. For me, the proof is in the pudding that Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and a sell-out to China. If you think Joe...
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    2021 Predictions

    I'm sorry, but we will never accept Biden/Harris as President and Vice President! The 2020 election was rigged and stolen from President Trump. Minus all the Democrat voter fraud, Trump won by a landslide. Rigging elections is what Democrats do when they gain enough power. And most of today's...