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    Doctor Who Museum

    This is a Doctor Who museum. It is near Indianapolis - wow. Here is a look inside, as it is also a store that sells Doctor Who merchandise and time travel movies. Well, they do not have an HDR - not yet anyway. :) About Us! Who North America – Camby

    Vending machines sell cars

    This just in. Vending machines sell cars. Hey, we get to avoid a sales rep. Still, I would need a mountain of quarters to buy one car. Ford vending machine begins dispensing cars in China Ford and Alibaba unveil car vending machine

    "Mad" Mike Hughes, AKA rocket man believes in a FLAT earth

    I do agree, He certainly does not lack any courage. Well, I hope he does get to see the earth from far up. It is a wondrous view. Amateur rocket-maker finally launches himself off Earth in effort to prove it's flat

    "Mad" Mike Hughes, AKA rocket man believes in a FLAT earth

    "Mad" Mike Hughes, AKA rocket man believes in a FLAT earth. He launched his rocket just now. TAKEN FROM Flat-Earther self-taught rocket man finally launches in California desert "Mad" Mike Hughes, the rocket man who believes the Earth is flat, propelled himself about 1,875 feet into the air...

    John Titors world very similar

    According to John Titor as more TIME goes by the percent divergence increases. Therefore his timeline looks less and less similar to our own.

    Mozart Effect

    People claim that listening to Mozart can increase your BRAIN power or could make you a genius even. Hey, this might seem a bit over the top as we say. However, farmers have told me that they allow their animals to listen to classical music. It is great for cows. They give more milk and chickens...

    Self Driving Uber Car Kills Woman

    This sounds like the plot of a cheesy low budget science fiction movie. Yeah, one that is long on fiction and short on science. I still remember teachers telling me that computers are morons. OK, so that means we can never allow them to drive cars. Well, here we are.

    Self Driving Uber Car Kills Woman

    It was just a matter of time until an autonomous vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian, but here we are. I have my doubts about computer controlled devices being allowed to roam. Here we have the first robot car... kill a person. The result is that this event could set this technology back many...

    Gold rain

    TAKEN FROM Russian Plane Loses Gold Bars Worth $378 M After Door Breaks "A reported 200 bars of gold and other precious metals have scattered across an airport runway in Russia after a cargo plane door broke off upon takeoff. At least 172 bars of gold weighing 3.4 tons have been recovered from...
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    Houses are expensive

    $1,282,240 in the Toronto average HOME price. This is beyond the reach of most persons. Vancouver houses are even more expensive. I love van. However, people need to have lower prices. What a $1 million home looks like in Canada this week - Mar. 9 edition
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    Toys R Us

    Toys R Us is not long for our universe. Back in 2005, few saw what coming. Well, I did predict the demise of many companies. Hey, Toys R Us is preparing to enter liquidation and shut down forever and ever. I will say it now. For this firm, it is game over. Toys ‘R’ Us Is Prepping to Liquidate...
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    Neural Networks

    Defeating a neural network is easy. Researchers are seeing that it is as simple as attaching a sticker to a stop sign. For example, if a stop sign is slightly modified, then the neural network finds it cannot see one. Well, this is a major issue. After all, it affects driverless cars. Sadly...
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    Have any of you actually had contact with an extraterrestrial?

    When I was six, I was taken aboard a craft by the Nordic aliens and I like them a lot, but they are different than us. I still remember being told how lucky I was because on my planet there are malls and they do not have any. Well, a lot of malls have closed down around me. Radio Shack is gone...
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    HDR Sell me one.

    $360 is the HDR price. Steven Gibbs has been selling it for that amount since 1985 and it has not gone up. Well, the parts are def more expensive. This is especially true for the copper wire.
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    missing time

    I woke up at 6:59 am today and it was still dark outside, but I took a shower that was warm. Usually, this event takes me 15 mins. Then I went out and it was 10:53 am. Part of my morning is gone. I did not feel hungry, so I probably skipped over some hours, but I do not understand the process...