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  • Hey @HDRKID . I see references to you building a Bajak Flux Capacitor here and elsewhere but have been unable to find updates on what (if any) experiences you had with it. Did you find anything of interest with the Bajak device?
    Well I've got a used BMRR if anyone wants it its more special than a HDR
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    Hedi please tell me what is a used BMRR and the price?
    Apologises just standard questions we ask people at my workplace sorry babe take care
    Can you help me to send a message on May,19th,2016 of me.My email:[email protected] and my facebook account: Nay Xuất
    subject:Don't use the device from Mr Hiep
    "I am a time traveler. Don't you a device from mr Hiệp to pass the exams from subject clinical noi Y6 , the 2nd exams, you will fail and you will crazy after the exams"
    now I cant learn anything,my mind is damage like Alzheimer I beg you please help me
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