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  • Hi all friends and members My name is Dave Keedharuth Ramlogun and I live in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean on the East of Madagascer . As for my profession i am an elector-Mechanical technician . I am aged 74 years old and I was searching the practical use of the Caduceus coils on the net and I came across your web site .
    Quite some years back I registered with a site much similar to this one in the Yahoo Projects which has stopped some years now .
    I often do astral journeys during my sleep and I would like to practice it with control which is my expectations .Surely your help will be necessary for a success .
    I look forward in hearing from you with much love .
    If you have the money a good orgonite can help a lot, either in puck/charger form, or a pyramid. Both will drastically and quickly open the third eye and boost astral work and depth in meditations. I make them in prices from £55 > £2000
    Or you can spend a few years learning to make a good one.
    Or go old fashioned, meditation, lots of organic fruit and veg, juices to detox, stop using flouride, take iodine, lions mane and other brain boosting supplements and get a good program, like ryan cropper's > ytube...
    Practice and intention is key in all cases.
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