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    I'm from 2146, ask me anything

    Well .... That's heart breaking. ...I would love to chat with u when you get a chance... Find me on Twitter or Facebook... Or send me e mail at I'm in St Louis...Missouri right now Moving back to Los Angeles.... Late spring ... . Hit me up...
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    I am From 2030

    By the way I can help u spared ur truth n communications.
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    I need links to magick and occultism sites on the deep web
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    I am From 2030

    Hi ... I would love to speak with u .. I watch ur video communications last night. . Very interesting...n if u need a friend u now have one.... Kelli Sansone name u can find me on Facebook / Twitter... Message me when u get time
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    Also her mom has several books
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    Enchanted of Salem, An Authentic Witch Shop. My very good friend her name is Penny Cabot..... Her Mother Laura Cabot is head witch in Salem Mass Penny helps her run her shop and school etc. ... Penny will help any of you that need help and have questions her mom too... Find Penny on...
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    I'm new

    Nice to see everyone I'm new here too......I look forward to talking to you and learning