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    Time to Build It

    Do not waste time to see website shown in was closed for some reason.
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    Disappearing young man

    the fact that the news cast allowed some of the walls to show in the report can be useful to grab some spells and verify if they were any good
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    Disappearing young man

    you just press translate to English chrome browser will translate for you..easy
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    Disappearing young man

    Bruno Borges, 25 was declared missing, leaving 14 coded books, as well as enigmatic texts drawn on the walls of his room in which he deals with matters such as aliens and extracorporeal experiences, returned home today without explanations. read the full report Regresa a casa brasileño que dejó...
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    Schematics Time Travel Schematics Initiative

    If frequency is below 20Khz you can use your cellphone , many apps avlble. U can even use the phone as a signal generator for a range 20 Hz - 20000 hz and you will get very precise output but low power around 100mW. I have tried it getting 639-396-432-417-7.8-3.9 hz all with accurate output sine...
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    Schematics Time Travel Schematics Initiative

    Hello Prof, u mentioned about having some old Time Travel schematics you share when u find them..have u found any please...some of the designs posted so far gave negative effect..
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    Chronovisor videos

    amazing video. For some reason it seems all things connected, the cancer cure w Tesla coil w time travel w 7.8Hz w 420 hz w 369. It takes a good shroom to put the pieces together and rebuild a working instrument.
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    Time to Build It

    I guess the link expired.can see nothin bro
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    Time to Build It

    The dangers of physical T travel as I read are not a joke. one may travel to a place that was a rock in the past, so he/she finds himself stick inside a rock...never be able to go back or explore the era you shifted to...however, giving life for the sake of knowledge is not new to mankind.
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    Time to Build It

    what kina bucket ur using ?
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    Stop using the phrase 'time travel'. Use 'movement travel' instead.

    I agree w you Opmmur..TT is a more hope lifting term. Ieme share something old book said that travel is two kinds..Time fold (as the writer phrased it ) and land fold. Time fold is folding time like a book and opening it on a different page ..different time, past or fold...
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    no gas cars

    Are U hinting that we are on the edge of a de-population event ?
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    Forum Game Three Word Story

    more than others
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    What are the T.E.C. archives?

    I have seen some impressive posts by Num7
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    Does anyone have any real information on time traveling?

    Ur story is so touching...every dear person we lose, part of us goes with them..This shakes everything we believe in this life. Although travelling in time to bring back a dear one, or save him, I believe the Time travel should be done for the sole purpose of proving it...Thinking about it...