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    Into the past

    I would also want to know how Classicalfan knows too
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    Time travel question

    And you have found the way to travel?
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    Is Anyone Near?

    I don`t really believe in the HDR... just because how Stephen Gibbs reacts when people call him and ask if they can meet him in real life! He will tell you that you are an alien and that he will hang up haha! Ok i investegated the use of the video on top (Funkyfathead) and he says that he uses...
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    Is Anyone Near?

    Why don`t this video`s get more attention? I watched a few of the youtube poster, but it really looks good:) He also has a Berenstain strip in his hands and when he walks into his bedroom, the text changes to Berenstein and it really looks real to me... So what about it? Ow and here i found the...
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    Astral projection game

    That wouldn`t be astral projection then? If i could project myself in mental form and visit you, then how would i know how to come to you? Do i need to think about the guy/girl Fifth from this forum or do i need to know where you live and come in to your house so i can see your desk. I think a...
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    A Message From Lussorio F

    I as newbie think this is amusing, but you guys are tired about the same stories every time! I always like fantasy stories, so they can keep coming from me:)
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    Chronovisor videos

    Hi Mjolnir I`m new and i`m enjoing this topic. I never heard of Chronovisor before and because of you guys i`m reading myself in! Thank you for your quest finding the truth:)
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    Astral projection game

    Then the people who can do astral projection need to know who you are and where you live?
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    If You Are To Time Travel Where Would You Go

    Like showing your new smart-phone or show other kinds of high tech devices?:) I would start to go back and prevent some things that happend to familymembers and after that i would go to the early 1900 and see if the world was really better like my grandfather and father in law always say... It...
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    Time Machine Basics (What IS time?)

    go on please:)
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    Hi All, Been lurking on this forum for the last few weeks and it was time to be a member of this community. I want to share thoughts about timetravel, ufo`s and paranormal activities I`m a believer and are open for lots of ideas. See ya`ll soon Rob
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    John Alexanderson, from 2043.

    I really like stories like this, whether it`s fake or not! Let`s hear the man out:) Maybe he`ll tell us how to build our own devices