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    Earth's atmosphere

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    Earth's atmosphere

    They have been lieing to us for years about all aspects in space.. First the Moon has no atmosphere, then it does.. Then Mars has no atmosphere, then it does.. Mars has no water, then it does.. These changes of opinion (fact) should be front page news and yet you’re lucky if these stories make...
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    Earth's atmosphere

    Surely the rocket would have crumpled upon hitting a solid barrier..
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    Australia will kill millions of cats

    The Cats will have their revenge....
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    It’s not about the destination... ... it’s about the journey
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    Favorite quote ever

    Always liked the Dolf Lundgren quote at the end of his 80s alien film ‘Dark Angel’... Baddie. ‘I come in Peace’ Dolf. ‘And you go in pieces’ As he blows him away....
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    Is there any kind of technology that can assist with astral travel?

    Meditation is all you need.. Slow that heart rate down and relax
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    We question our reality every day, but don't know if it's real life

    Questioning reality several times a day is key to Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection..
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    What do we think to Corey Goode?

    Not really @TimeFlipper Icke seems to concentrate only on the Reptillians, obsessed maybe.. and always very negative about everything. Goode seems to cover the whole subject matter, the Reptilians being just a small part.. and Goode seems to be Positive in his message and outlook. I never...
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    What do we think to Corey Goode?

    Corey Goode strikes me as being quite a reasonable guy. Not sure about his partner Willcock who seems more like a ring announcer.. Money grabbers or whistleblowers?..
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    I wanna see how many of us are out there

    Diet Coke, for my Sins. Never more than one a day... Love a tin of Red Bull occasionally too.. but all only if there isn’t a tin of Craft Beer to hand
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    Time Travelling Exists

    You would start a new timeline.. Isn’t that what John Titor told us..
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    2019 Predictions

    Probably another false flag incident..
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    re: My HDR pic

    There are no quick fixes. You don’t need tools to reach these places. Concentration and Meditation Love and light..