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    Schematics Time Travel Schematics Initiative

    It’s a shame none of them work though.
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    There are time travelers here

    What the fuck
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    re: My HDR pic

    That’s because it’s a pile of electronic garbage
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    I'm from 2146, ask me anything

    What colour are my boxer shorts?
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    Chronovisor videos

    It’s a long story! But I’m trying to catch up on what I have missed.
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    Chronovisor videos

    They seem to have been deleted from YouTube... It’s a shame as they inspired this post from the beginning.
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    Does anyone have any real information on time traveling?

    My heart goes out to you,because this is very reason I started to research (obsessed) with time travel when I lost my 6yr old daughter back in 2003
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    Chronovisor videos

    Fascinating this is.Has anyone else tried to find information on Leale Martelli using search engines? It's almost impossible to find anything.There definitely was a ss Leale Martelli though,that much I know.
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    Chronovisor videos

    Indeed one does wonder if little doctor could be a time traveler......
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    My time travel experiments

    Ah yes I hadn't noticed that Lafayette were around in the days of Am/ssb cb radio too...interesting find.
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    For how long have you been trying to travel back in time?

    No such thing as time is the most important statement in this post,to keep it brief after many years of 'searching' myself I do believe we live in some sort of matrix which can be accessed like a DVDs any point and that there are lots of these DVDs side by side and that it is possible to move to...
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    My time travel experiments

    Somebody's been reading Patricia Ress's book about the HDR
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    Chronovisor videos

    It's very interesting and addictive Vario...
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    Chronovisor videos

    Yes indeed I've followed Andrew for quite awhile now and have emailed him several times and he has always answered my questions I have asked on the topic of time travel.
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    Chronovisor videos

    Still enjoying this story,look forward to next instalment:)