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    About This Week's Downtimes

    Glad to see this site back online! :) And happy timetraveling research everyone! :)
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    Merry Christmas Everyone! And Happy New Year!

    So here we are again people, Happy new time traveling year to you all! :)
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    Pyramid of Giza Mystery Solved?

    "How were the pyramids of egypt really built" Part 1: Part 2: Check this out.
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    Cia releases remote viewing docs

    Here is a great video about RV:
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    Welcome aboard to this awesome site! Have a great timetraveling experience!
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    For anyone else interested in history, life and tech about Nikola Tesla: Tesla Universe | Exploring the enigma of Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla Timeline from Tesla Universe
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    Thanks for putting up stuff about Tesla! :) A man who was before his time.
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    Time Travel & Time Machines - A Rare Interview From 1964

    Big thanks for posting the vid! Seen it before and its great and interesting! :)
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    I'm 30 Today... Now What?

    Happy timetraveling B-day Num7! :D Start building that time machine! :)
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    New member here , hello everyone ! :)

    Welcome to the site MindWobbles87! :) Have an awesome timetraveling time here! :)
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    Looking for a Time Traveler who can change my past.

    I personally dont know exactly how to time travel but these projects were connected to time travel.
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    Looking for a Time Traveler who can change my past.

    I do suggest you look up the montauk project, project pegasus and about nikola tesla.
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    a Time Travel Gaunlet: a time machine prototype project

    Look up Andrew Basiago, he claims to have been part of a secret time traveling unit in th 70`s, you can find him on youtube talking about project PEGASUS. Apparently Tesla`s ideas was used on the philadelphia project where they managed to time travel and transport a ship to a different place.
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    The Secret Time Travel Experiments of Nikola Tesla

    Some more Tesla stuff: LINK TO THE ARTICLE IS AT THE BOTTOM Radio Electronics June, 1976 Page numbers: 32-34 & 69 Type: Magazine 12-Million Volts by Fred Shunaman Recreating the past to solve future needs. Robert K. Golka has duplicated apparatus designed in 1899 by Nikola Tesla, with the...