ancient egypt

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  1. Noah_A_S

    I was in a discord voice chat with a supposed time traveler | This is what he told all of us there

    Here's everything: Russia will change its name to Tartaria in about 2 years Apparently, It's not only Russia. All of the continents of Asia is supposed to be renamed "Tartaria" according to him, and as a part of a gradual pace, the world slowly follows suit. For example, he said that All of...
  2. N

    Oh man, this is big

    1)found proof ancient israel was really ancient egypt 2)great pyramid was built by a descendent of noah 12,500yrs ago(edgar cayce) 3)king solomon was amenhotep the 3rd, and david was thutmose the 4th were egyptian pharoahs in the 18th dynasty, 4)moses was an egyptian pharoah in the 18th dynasty...