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  1. OakFieldAlienz444

    Chocolate eating space alien held captive gives people the creeps-------WHAT?

    Chocolate-eating 'alien' allegedly 'held hostage' will give you the creeps Story by Chaitra Krishnamurthy •1h After ufologists in Mexico displayed bodies of “non-human” creatures on live television, another video on TikTok of “alien being held hostage” in India is giving the platform users...
  2. ApexTV

    Time Traveler Claims to Have Visited India in The Year 2060

    Hey Paranormalis, it's been a long time! We recently recieved an audio file from a man going by Darryl Dean (he has also sent us audio recordings in the past) and this time in it he tells about what the supposed future of India is in the year 2060. Here is the video... Basically he claims...