mind power

  1. Magic

    What is the meaning of this in a dream?

    I am in a dream,a lucid dream!!I have very much curiosity in a dream from a child.I am a regular lucid dreamer But one day when I am in a dream,I met a person who I think is so much knowledgeable.So,I asked him that what is the reality of dream!! And he trusted me and tries to give me the answer...
  2. OakFieldAlienz444

    How many have used their minds to cause an OBE?

    Thought this would be an interesting poll. I always wondered about OBE's because I've had several and for me it's an involuntary thing 99% of the time. To try to gauge this whole thing I thought this would be a fantastic poll for a paranormal forum such as this. A delicious cake with...