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  1. Einstein

    Mysteries Beneath the Ice: The Secrets of Antarctica

    AJ and HeckleFish reveal lots of new info on Antarctica that is all new to me.
  2. Einstein

    Lucid Dreams & Nightmares: Ever Dream This Man?

    AJ and HeckleFish present an interesting episode on Lucid Dreams.
  3. Wind7

    Chronovisor: The Vatican's Secret Device to See Through Time

    A priest in the Vatican named Pellegrino Ernetti claimed he could observe the past with a time machine he had invented. But what's the truth about the Chronovisor?
  4. Einstein

    Knights Templar | Forbidden History and their Secret Quest for Atlantis

    AJ and HeckleFish divulge some more amazing forbidden history.
  5. Einstein

    We Are the Aliens | Life's Interstellar Journey to Earth: Panspermia

    AJ and HeckleFish talk about the origins of life on Earth.
  6. Einstein

    Humans vs Superhumans | When Monsters Were Real and We Almost Went Extinct

    AJ and HeckleFish talk about evolution history of pre-mankind species up thru modern mankind.
  7. Einstein

    Baltic Sea Anomaly, Atlantis, and Underwater Alien Bases | Mysteries of the Ocean Pt 1

    AJ and HeckleFish Talk about underwater alien bases and other mysteries of the ocean.
  8. Einstein

    Project 8200 Exposed | CIA Psychics Find Alien Bases Underground

    AJ and HeckleFish talk about some very interesting remote viewing experiences by psychic experts.
  9. Einstein

    The Search for Noah's Ark | Giants & Aliens in the Book of Enoch

    AJ and HeckleFish talk about the Book of Enoch, Giants, and Aliens. Also a story about the finding of Noah's Ark.
  10. Einstein

    Mystery in Cisco Grove: Don Shrum’s Encounter with UFOs, Aliens and Robots

    AJ and HeckleFish tell the story of Don Shrum's encounter with UFO's and aliens and robots.
  11. Enigma007

    The Why Files on Youtube

    I don't know if you all have seen this or not, but this guy does a good job producing Youtube shows about all kinds of stuff we like here. Hope you all like this.
  12. Einstein

    Project Looking Glass | The Time Warriors of the 2012 Apocalypse

    AJ and HeckleFish talk about Project Looking Glass. I really liked this episode. But I had to download it to watch it. YouTube has gone to the trouble of disabling YouTube with my adblockers on. And disabling the video so you can watch ads with the adblockers off. It makes me wonder what YouTube...
  13. Wind7

    The UFO Incident That Shocked Ariel School: Telepathic Extraterrestrials.....(AJ And HeckleFish)

    Just 3 hours ago, The Why Files posted this video. Thoughts...??
  14. Einstein

    Kenny Veach Vanishes on his Quest for the M Cave

    AJ and HeckleFish discuss the disappearance of Kenny Veach.
  15. Einstein

    Did you feel the earth move?

    This one was hard to find a category. I suspect it may become an occult ritual. AJ and HeckleFish talk about BoobQuakes.
  16. Einstein

    Backyard Time Machine: The Time Travel Mystery of Mike “Mad Man” Marcum

    AJ and HeckleFish talk about Mad Man Marcum and his success with building a time machine.
  17. Einstein

    Göbekli Tepe and the Prophecy of Pillar 43 | Apocalypse and the Vulture Stone

    AJ and HeckleFish talk about ancient civilizations that go way way back. And of course the Apocalyptic events that wiped them out.
  18. luke11685

    Philadelphia Experiment

    The Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged event claimed to have been witnessed by an ex-merchant mariner named Carl M. Allen at the United States Navy's Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, sometime around October 28, 1943. Allen described an experiment...
  19. Einstein

    20 And Back - The Super Soldiers Defending the Kuiper Belt

    AJ and HeckleFish talk about the Kuiper belt.
  20. Wind7

    Skyquakes, Upsweeps, and Sky Trumpets | Terrifying Sounds that Signal the End of the World

    AJ and Hecklefish have a good episode here. (y)