1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    🚨2024 Election To Be Stolen By Democrats🚨

    The big conspiracy is that democrats will commit election fraud just like when they were caught in 2016 and previous elections since the 1800's in the USA. As you already may be aware the USA is a republic and people who follow their country's republic are called republicans. Humans that do not...
  2. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Giarrusso's Future Prediction for USA 2025-2035

    I strongly believe in the USA between the years of 2025-2035 the motorcycle culture will make a strong comeback. Reason 1: Cars will be to expensive and people will still need to go places for less money. It will be cheaper for somebody to to take a training program, achieve a license, and buy...
  3. OakFieldAlienz444

    Will the USA be nuked?

    With tensions escalating not just between USA and Russia but North Korea and China will the USA be nuked? If it is I will be dead and you will never see my posts again lol. (unless my alien friends take me on a shuttle train to Antarctica, contacted them yet to hear back)