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I am documenting this because I do not quite understand myself and I’m trying to understand what I’ve been going through these past years. So here I am trying to map everything out for my own sake. Here we go.

I was born on June 9. And I’m from Los Angeles, California. And before I was even born, a woman had told my grandfather that there was going to be another girl that comes into his life and that this girl was going to be special. My grandfather kept denying this but the woman kept saying yes. Funny thing is, my mom was getting ready to turn 18 at the time. And at 19, she had me and I was born. And of course, I am a girl.

Now because my grandparents couldn’t raise me at the time, I was sent to go live with my other aunt (dads’ sister) and during the time I was with her (was possibly from 5 months to a year), “It” had started up for me. I began having vivid dreams and nightmares about past incarnations. Specifically, the medieval period. I would dream about places that are probably no longer either here, destroyed or changed up to this day! And I would awake in the middle of the night screaming and crying for this very reason. And I forgot these dreams years and years later. And plus, I had speech problems and echolalia back then so I couldn’t really talk about what was going on.

When I was about 1 – 5 I hated the sun and had an immense fear of solar eclipses. And then I found out that in my past life, I had died under a solar eclipse.

Then I turned 4 and between the ages of 4 – 6 I was writing a bit strangely (but sloppy obviously lol) from what I can recall. Strange as in, I would write things as if how people back in the middle ages wrote. That nobody would write today! (well that’s not always the case).

The recalls, dreams and visions then I suppose, stopped at 6 when I had this scooter incident. I remember a girl that I used to play with back then and she dared me to scoot down a steep parking lot hill at my school. I was going too fast and I fell and I hit my head on the sidewalk. I went to hospital and they x-rayed me and took me home. But ever since I hit my head, the acting strange, the writing, the memories, dreams and recalls all stopped for some reason.

At 8, I began again questioning life and where we came from. And my questions were answered years later. At 11, I asked my grandmother “what if we lived before and we looked exactly like each other?” or something like that. I don’t remember exactly what she said but I do remember right after I said that, I had a knowing that I had a life in the middle ages. And the same age, 11, I began practicing the art of paganism and witchcraft and I then developed an undying love for the middle ages and it is still a connection I have to this day.

Now here is the reveal of whom I was: most of you won’t believe me and that is completely ok. But I just want to get my story out there. I don’t know if you ever heard of the wars of the roses and the Plantagenets and Richard III. But, about Richard, I was his wife and queen consort of England. Yes, I was Anne Neville. And In 2018, that’s when I found out. In 2018, I met a woman claiming to be Richard III. (whom i later found out she wasn't)

But then, when I saw a photo of Anne, that’s when the memories and dreams and visions started to come back to me. And then I looked back at my childhood, hell even astrology, and saw a lot of signs that link to Anne and her life.

Like for example I used to go to a school called: “Queen Anne” and the school looks almost exactly like Warwick castle!

And our birthdays are close together (mine is June 9 hers is June 11 and I know it could be a coincidence but it could in fact be past life related too who knows!) and We have exact opposite north/south nodes. The north node is the dragons head in astrology and your destiny while your south node is your past life and its your karma. I have north node in aries in the 9th house and south node in libra in the 3rd house. Anne had north node in libra in 3rd house and south node in aries in the 9th house. (I also know my time of birth from back then).

And while me and the woman claiming to be Richard were talking at one point, something else strange happened. She made a comment saying: “Do you remember our son?” and I replied: “Edward?” (Note: Edward of middleham was Anne and Richards son!) And the crazy thing is, I never learned about the wars of the roses era in school nor did I hear about Anne, Richard or even Edward in school. Never watched documentaries about Edward, Anne, Richard or the era in my life nor did I search them up! Ever! I just simply knew Edward was my sons name and simply replied with “Edward?” and I had no way of knowing who Edward was!

And when it was 2019, I tried this mirror spell that is supposed to let you see your past life facial features through a mirror. I tried it, and I swear my face started transforming into Anne’s even though me and her almost look the exact same (although, there are major differences, me and Anne’s facial structure look almost the same).

And I also tried another spell that is supposed to give you little hints on who you were in your past life. Tried that one, and things about Anne’s life kept jumping out at me.

And many people have said that they saw Anne in my eyes or that they recognize my eyes. Including my own self since I tried that mirror spell.

Well that was my little past life story and I will be using this thread to document other signs or occurrences that happen that involve Anne life and myself. Thanks again for reading and comments are welcome, but please no judgement. Just wanted to get my story out there!

Loyaulte me lie




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