--a little about me--


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--a little about me--

Hello, I'm new here. I was at another board for a few years, and decided to escape that universe and enter this one, so to speak. You may find my theories annoying, or not. The other board was somewhat anti-time travel(anti-Christ), and that's all I'm about.

My main interests are time manipulation, bible codes, hermes, thoth, the emerald tablets, health and supplements like colloidal silver, DNA, Tensor or Caduceus wound coils, Jesus Christ, Shroud of Turin, God, Nature, and the destiny of it all. I'm not an evangelist by any means.


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Re: --a little about me--

Welcome to our forum James. We hope you enjoy your stay.

With the interests that you've listed, I'm sure you will find others here that share your point of view and will lead to lively conversation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM any of our staff.