A past life in the middle ages

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Memory ~ Isabels Wedding ~ I remember isabels wedding i was behind her on the left side in calais france and it was dark there i think i was wearing green i couldn't tell i really couldn't tell what isabel was wearing due to the darkness.
I saw an image of where I was with Isabel in a room. She had a jewel in her hand and she was messing with it? Or something? She was sitting in a chair. And she was wearing a green gown. Gown she was wearing was sort of similar to this but except it was darker green and it looked a little more different.


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Logical Mind

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Very interesting.

Were you under hypnosis to remember and see all those faces, names and details of those past incidents, places and peoples?

There is a reason why you are able to bring to your conscious mind all those incidents of the so-called past. Time is simultaneous so those middle age years are happening right now. You can even pray to help any of those that are, or were, in trouble needing your assistance and support.

Please tell us more.


Blod Grogan

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I think I was at middleham castle. There was a feast. I was wearing green I think and I saw mother wearing a pink gown talking to someone at a table. She was wearing a headdress also. I think i was 12 possibly? I could hear music playing before I could see the memory. I forgot what instrument was playing though.
Perhaps the instrument you were playing is no longer in use, so would only be easily recognized, and named (and pronounced), by an expert in mediaeval instruments. You must be talking of Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick (to whom I am distantly related, as it happens).
You weren't sure whether or not to post this were you - but I, for one, am glad you did. History, genealogy, timeslips, information of past and future through dreams, is all very much of interest to me.
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