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Well Steve, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) would solve the problem. But matter does travel into space, not time... So memory loss is unlikely to happen.

Fanavans... This theory applies mostly on more universes. I can't find a way to apply it to a single universe. Anyway... That's not the point. The point is that travelling is made into SPACE. If we travel back into space... we would go into the year 1912 and prevent the Titanic from sinking, for example. Thus we create a new "spaceline" or, universe set.
I studied my pervious theory... it was quite wrong... The invalid universes are deleted and will not be replaced by others. We mearly create a new spaceline (we are talking about space not time). I hope it's quite clear. :)
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Wow... I made this thread over five years ago. I was such a silly, silly kid. I didn't even know there already was a theory regarding multiverse time travel.

Nice to see it, though. :)