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Al bielek debunked

Al Bielek's Faked Family Album

To illustrate how Al Bielek provided false information about his own life (his alleged life as Edward Cameron and the false statements about his father and his brother), we use the original texts from transcripts of three of his interviews as well as what can be read on his web site Screenshots of the applicable web pages taken from are also available in this report. The transcripts of his speech at the MUFON Conference on 13 January, 1990, were transcribed by Clay Tippen and corrected by Rick Anderson in Oktober 1992. The second source that we use is the interview which was conducted by Susanne Konicov from CONNECTING LINK, Issue 19, in 1992. The third interview was conducted by Kenneth Burke at the Global Sciences Congress, Daytona Beach, Florida in August 1997. Issue.html
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To the average person, the story of a top secret US Navy experiment taking place in the middle of WW II appears fantastic and exciting. Al Bielek is a gifted speaker and lecturer and as a source for PX lore he is very convincing. However, to the critical view of one who has taken a 'crime investigators' point of view, becoming more than a passive reader, becoming very familiar with historic facts of WW II and the technical developments since the war, it becomes obvious that Bielek has merged real facts with fiction; as well he borrowed subjects from other sources, adding them as layers and filler.
The main story of the Philadelphia Experiment [known as the PX] as Bielek describes it is nothing short of the content of the first Philadelphia Experiment movie released in 1984, starring Michael Parè as sailor John Herdeg. In Bielek's version, Bielek and his brother were those two sailors (depicted in the film) onboard the test ship USS Eldridge. He then adopts the idea of time travel into the future (to the year 1983) from that movie. Other subjects are then borrowed from the well-known Roswell Incident (how the US government made contact with Aliens) and again others from another movie, titled "Alternative III" which relates a story about secret colonies on Mars. Additionally, Bielek incorporates subjects like "remote viewing".
However, let's return Bielek himself. For about ten years, he didn't provide any 'proof' for any of his claims, except for some underground videos that were of really poor [visual] quality and dealt primarily with what some consider being the spin-off project called the Montauk Project. In 1998, Bielek opened his own web site and there, for the first time in public, he showed what he is refers to as his "family" history. Beside some common photographs of Nikola Tesla and John von Neuman, he presents photographs of his [supposed] father and his brother.

Al Bielek as Edward Cameron

Al Bielek has consistently claimed in all his interviews that he once lived as another person, named "Edward Cameron". Here are the corresponding quotations taken from his interviews:
From the speech at the MUFON Conference, 1990
The important statements are highlighted.

"Now I think at this point, I should say where I came into it, both myself and my brother. I was born August 4, 1916, in the New York area, to a Mr. Alexander Duncan Cameron, Sr., the father, and a mother who, I don't believe was married from what little research we were able to do. Had a rather uneventful life, but pleasant life, because there was money in the family. My brother was born in May of 1917. And we went on our merry way. Had a ball as it was, didn't have any worries about money. Came the Depression years, we decided to go to school and get an education. He went to the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, until he graduated in 1939, in the summer of '39 with a PHD in physics. I went to Princeton, Bachelor's and Master's; I went to Harvard for my doctorate. Earlier, von Neumann said, "You don't want to get your doctorate here at Princeton. Go to Harvard, it's a better school. So I took a doctorate out at Harvard; I think it was in August of '39. In the meantime I should add, there were some other things going in the background, and that background happened to be our father.


You can finish reading the sad story of poor Al Bielek being found out for the fraud that he is in the rest of the site. Issue.html

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Its weird how you say that this guy ever lied about his story but how on art bell show C2Cam and others hes always consitent with his story , ho and the best fact when i meet the guy back in 2002 he gave me a pieces of the ship one of those lamp that was on the room i use it on my experiment , so its so ever weird how people accuse the poor guy of lying , he did earn a decent living with his living and best of all him and preston nichols never know each other before this event qand they both sayd similar event took place , for having serve in the force i can confirm that there some serious shit going on and the US naval service are hidding a lot from the public and the PE really took place i saa it when i did a astral projection back in 2002. isaa it thru the eyes of a sailor that was there , so for my personal belief i believe this event really took place as much as i believe in God, its pass the stage of just having faith i saa it,
hey who awesome , starlord awesome , (two finger pointing at ya) lol

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Being on Art Bell means you are automatically telling the truth?

You can't be that blind can you?

You "astral projected" and saw through another persons eyes?

Are you listening to your self? You "use" other peoples "eyes" when you travel in an "astral Body"???? LOL!!!! It's your own astral body you doofus. which I seriously doubt you have done what you claim. Magic pcs of "the ship" or not...

Christ on a crutch that's rich. LOL!!!

You need to get your metaphysical mechanics straight.

Read all of that link. See the evidence for yourself.
Al Bielek is full of crap.

The "Green Light"/Mist is St. Elmos Fire from Degaussing.
who can say whats true these days , what make you a specialist in astral project and out of body project ive been doing this since i was 10 years old and i was a student to a master shaman , so who care what you say no one really care what ever one of you say , but you are doing something right ( entertaining the more gracious people of this forum so keep going i will enjoy responding with what i know not some long boring text taken off the web , lol

as long as you keep your 3rd eye close you wont see the truth as the rest of us does, so i hope there alot of light in your dark world mine is full of light , the light of god love